9 1 2 weeks full movie

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A woman becomes involved with a man she barely knows. Complications develop during their sexual escapades. Elizabeth : How did you know? How did you know I'd respond to you the way I have? John : I saw myself in you. In. Play trailer Drama Romance. Director Adrian Lyne. Top credits Director Adrian Lyne. Trailer Official Trailer. Interview Photos Top cast Edit. Mickey Rourke John as John. Kim Basinger Elizabeth as Elizabeth. Margaret Whitton Molly as Molly.

David Margulies Harvey as Harvey. Christine Baranski Thea as Thea. Karen Young Sue as Sue. William De Acutis Ted as Ted. Dwight Weist Farnsworth as Farnsworth. Cintia Cruz Whore as Whore. Michael P. Adrian Lyne. More like this.

Watch options. Storyline Edit. An erotic story about a woman, the assistant of an art gallery, who gets involved in an impersonal affair with a man. She barely knows about his life, only about the sex games they play, so the relationship begins to get complicated. Let it BURN. Did you 9 1 2 weeks full movie Edit. Trivia Director Adrian Lyne used emotionally manipulative tactics on Kim Basinger during the shooting to elicit the performance he wanted from the somewhat new actress, which Basinger later criticized harshly.

For example, Lyne did not allow Mickey Rourke and Basinger to talk to each other off-set. The two were kept isolated from each other and Lyne would tell Basinger rumors about how Rourke intended to make her like or dislike him so that she would carry that attitude into the scene. Lyne would also offer Rourke performance notes, but Basinger none, in order to unnerve her. In a very unusual and expensive move along these lines, Lyne shot the film sequentially, so that Basinger's actual emotional breakdown over time would be effectively translated to the screen.

Quotes Elizabeth : How did you know?

Alternate versions minute uncut and unrated European version is available on DVD. Connections Edited into Die Geschichte des erotischen Films User reviews Review. Top review.

I have seen this movie many times. I find it to be, not a sexual movie. It does have depth and symbolism if you are able to get passed the simple sex scenes. My favorite part is when Elizabeth goes to visit Fransworth, the artist. If you really think about it just as he is at the gallery opening of his show, so is she "a fish out of water". It can't survive and in the end neither can she. I love the way this film was shot.

This movie is more about stepping out side your comfort zone. You know about her family and life, but you don't learn about his until it is to late. People need to get passed the sex scenes and realize this movie is about human limits. All of us feel this inside, but are afraid, like Elizabeth to try it. FAQ 1. Details Edit. Release date February 21, United States. United States. English Spanish. Box office Edit.

Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 57min. Dolby Stereo. Related news. May 10 Den of Geek. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Edit. The Most Anticipated Movies of See the full list. August's Most Anticipated Movies and Shows. Get our August picks. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature. Learn more.

9 1 2 weeks full movie

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