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Adrien Brody has been under the Hollywood spotlight for quite a bit now, and although he's got a of hit films and an Academy Award under his belt, it appears as if we have not heard from Brody in quite a while. Throughout Adrien Brody's career, the actor has Adrien brody keira knightley dating himself in a handful of relationships, with partners ranging from his personal assistants to other big names such as actresses Keira Knightley, Elsa Patakyand January Jones, all of which Brody dated briefly.

Despite having fallen off the face of the Earth these past few years, Adrien Brody was the "it" actor throughout the 90s and s, even becoming the youngest star to win an Oscar for Best Actor in With all that being said, let's dive right into some little-known facts about Adrien Brody's romantic relationships. Although Adrien Brody has, in fact, dated a of high profile celebrities throughout his career, he is also the type to fall in love with those who are not famous.

The 'Pianist' actor dated Michelle Dupont, his personal assistant, from towhich marked his first-ever relationship with somebody who was not famous or well-known in the entertainment industry. While many people, including Adrien Brody's fans, did not think anything of his new relationship, things took a turn when he and Michelle Dupont attended the Academy Awards together.

This was only a year after Brody had taken home the Oscar for "Best Actor", so having Dupont as his date was quite the hot gossip at the time. Considering Adrien Brody and Michelle Dupont had been dating for three years now, the media and fans of the two began thinking that she may actually be "the one" for Adrien. They looked fantastic together and appeared to be a radiant couple on the red carpet, so it was only fitting for the two to get married. Despite everyone's high hopes, the two officially split back in ! Flash forward to the present day, it appears Adrien Brody is able to find love amidst a global pandemic.

Although the rumours are just that, rumours, many outlets have Adrien brody keira knightley dating speculating that Adrien Brody is now dating Harvey Weinstein's ex-wifeGeorgina Chapman. According to a of sources, the two have been spotted out and about a of times.

Despite having dated a of actresses, Adrien Brody's first major relationship with a public figure dates back all the way to ! The year-old at the time, dated actress Monet Mazur, who has appeared in a of films and television shows. The two attended events, parties and red carpets together, however, things took a turn only a few months into the relationship and ultimately led the two to break up. Although Adrien Brody just had his first public breakup with another celebrity, it appears he was not phased whatsoever.

The actor managed to move on quite quickly, and with someone who Adrien brody keira knightley dating about anyone could have expected. It appears as if when you break up with an actress, you gotta move on to a model, and that is exactly what Adrien did with Australian model, Sky Nellor. While dating Adrien brody keira knightley dating model might be every guy's dream, it appears as if Adrien Brody wasn't feeling it any longer, and decided to leave Sky Nellor for Elsa Pataky! Adrien and Elsa dated for roughly two years starting inand the couple went as far as getting engaged.

This marked the first time Brody had ever proposed to anyone he's dated, which is quite a shocker considering how many times most Hollywood celebrities find themselves proposing. The actor purchased the estate back in and spent quite some time renovating it before gifting it to Pataky for her 31st birthday. While this is quite the extravagant gift, it was one that may have been too much to handle, since the duo broke up only a few months later.

Adrien Brody had a handful of relationships under his belt at this point in his life, however, most of his romantic endeavours lasted anywhere between a year to three years, but no more than that. Despite having short relationships, things took a turn when he and Russian model, Lara Lieto, dated for over 8 years!

The two managed to date from tobefore calling it quits. Prior to committing to an eight-year relationship with Lara Lieto, Adrien Brody dated actress January Jones, but did so on the down-low! This was one of the actors more secretive relationship and one that actually remained a secret. The two were spotted out only occasionally but were never confirmed to be dating.

It was revealed that the two were seeing each other only after they had broken up in early The two had worked together on the project, and got along quite well, which ultimately led the media to assume they were dating. The rumours regarding the two only grew bigger and bigger, leading Adrien Brody to blow up! The actor was "furious" with the rumours, claiming the two were in individual relationships. After dating a of successful and well-known women throughout his career, it Adrien brody keira knightley dating as if he's gotten a lot of experience in the world of dating.

The actor has managed to spend years dating a of actresses, both openly and in secret, and now has 8 relationships under his belt, that we know of. Although reports claim he is currently seeing Georgina Chapman, we'll wait for them to confirm that news. Despite having lo of success locking down potential partners, Adrien Brody remains one of the biggest Hollywood bachelors. The star has managed to date a of well-known stars and even got engaged, however, it looks as if luck just isn't in his corner.

While we'd love for an Adrien Brody love story to appear on our newsfeeds, we aren't sure if that moment will ever really come. He's an avid reader, reality TV watcher, and music lover with a passion for writing about anything and everything pop-culture-related. Check out more on Instagram MikeChaar.

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Adrien brody keira knightley dating

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