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Frequently Asked Questions. We are a private, membership based social club for adults who wish to practice safe, sane, consensual spanking both in and out of a group setting.

While other aspects of BDSM are frequently of additional interest to some club members, our main focus is spanking. However, it is possible you may see scenes other than spanking enacted in public spaces i. We ask you be as respectful of these scenes, as you would an otk spanking scene. Regarding more hardcore BDSM activities, we request that these practices be limited to private rooms, and deated party suites. Our club was founded inand is the oldest continually running spanking club in the U. To become a member of the Crimson Moon social club, you must first fill out a membership application.

After your application has been Adult spanking clubs and entered into our database, you will receive a "Welcome To Crimson Moon". Adult spanking clubs for, and attending your first hotel party, officially makes you a member of the club.

You will remain a member simply by attending at least one other party within three calendar years. If you do not attend another party within this time frame, you must reapply for membership. There are no dues. We're just like everyone else: many of us are married, with or without kids; many of us are single and may be looking for our ideal life partner. We represent every possible occupation, from ant and engineer to chemist, truck driver, actor, and doctor.

We are all ethnicities, ages, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations and identities. Pets are not permitted, as they cannot give consent to be spanked! However, we believe bullying behavior, false accusations and bigotry of any kind is incompatible with our scene and our club. Those engaging in these practices will not be welcome at Crimson Moon parties. Likewise for people with predatory tendencies, and stalkers. Thus, as a private club, we reserve the right of refusal to any Adult spanking clubs or persons we deem unsuitable for membership in Crimson Moon.

For the safety of our other guests, ALL persons wishing to attend a party MUST provide positive proof of their identity the first time you attend a party. This can be done with either a photo driverspassport, or other government issued photo ID.

We require your real name, mailing address and phoneto be able to identify you to the police should Management consider that to be necessary. In 24 years, this has never been necessary. Access to this information will be restricted to the active Board Members of Crimson Moon, and not released without your permission, save as noted above. You may be known at the party under any name you wish, which will be used on your name Adult spanking clubs.

If you cannot abide revealing your true identity to the Crimson Moon Board, then you should not attempt to attend a party! We're sorry, but for the protection of all members, NO exceptions to this requirement will be made for any reason. See our privacy policy. We are all adults minimum age 19and the club has no say in what takes place behind closed doors among consenting adults.

That said, intimate sexual contact, drinking of alcoholic beverages, and drugs, are not permitted in group areas. We are not a swingers or hard core BDSM club. The only "swinging" that takes place in our party room is the swing of paddles, crops, canes and floggers! Everyone is expected to be on their best behavior; inappropriate touching or fondling of anyone WILL result in prompt expulsion Adult spanking clubs the party and the club. You should also be aware, some people may play at a level of intensity which may not interest, or may even offend Adult spanking clubs, without violating our Code of Conduct.

If that happens, simply turn away and observe something else.

Just because someone else is getting whipped, caned, or whatever, don't think anyone expects you to do it, too. However, if someone politely asks you, please don't be offended either. You can expect to see spanking with or Adult spanking clubs implements; over clothes or on the bare bottom; one-on-one or sometimes two-on-one; one spanking with everyone else watching, or everyone spanking at once. ALL of these activities and more can be expected in the party room at one time or another.

We may play or organize games to break the ice and get people into a party mood, or we may not! Smokers must go outside to light up. There is no formal dress code for Crimson Moon parties. At Halloween of course, costumes are expected.

Plan ahead and try to make something yourself rather than just rent. It's cheaper and more fun that way! Also Adult spanking clubs hygiene! Unclean persons won't get to play, and may well be invited to leave and not return. Have respect for yourself and those about you. Don't eat a meal beforehand that tends to give you gas! Clean and attractive is the key, regardless of whether you spank or get spanked. Whether top or bottom, women like men who are well dressed, clean smelling, friendly and confident.

Some women like to spank authoritatively dressed men, others like to be spanked by them. We strongly urge our members Adult spanking clubs take advantage of our Fetlife group, and get to know the other members who will be attending each party, well in advance of the event.

That way, you won't be total strangers when you actually meet in-person. Remember, no matter what you are wearing, male or female, every spanker must get your permission before raising or Adult spanking clubs anything. Commonly used safewords include the "green - yellow - red " sequence, and "mercy". Spankers are required to instantly and without question STOP if the safeword is used.

Use of the safeword terminates the scene, unless and until d by mutual consent. Discuss safewords and limits before beginning a spanking. Crimson Moon Management and security will work to prevent problems of friction between our group and "vanillas" in the same wing or floor of the hotel. While the members of the club can be expected to act as concerned citizens in any situation involving disputes between attendees, including providing physical protection for anyone who may be in fear of another, we are not the police and cannot act as police officers.

You should generally comport yourself as you would at any cocktail party or adult social event. Physical violence, anger, verbal abuse or other uncouth behavior is cause for eviction from the party, and even the club.

Please see the party registration. Keep in mind our hotel parties are both 3 day affairs, not just a single night lasting 4 or 5 hours.

If you cannot attend a party for which you have paid, you must inform us no later than 72 Adult spanking clubs prior to the start of the party. Once we are informed you cannot attend, you will have a 1 year credit which you may apply to the following year's event. If you do not inform us of your inability to attend within the Adult spanking clubs time frame, you will forfeit your party fee. See the Schedule for details. Our parties are generally held at hotels within a mile radius of O'Hare airport. People from all over the country, as well as Canada and Europe, attend these parties.

Read the Code of Conduct. When you the Application Form, you are agreeing to abide by these rules, so please read them first! Download or fill out the online Application Form. We keep this form on file for at least 3 years after your last party, or your initial application, whichever is most recent. Contact Yoni at yoni chicagocrimsonmoon.

Rob at mrrob chicagocrimsonmoon.

Adult spanking clubs

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