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This profile has not been claimed by the company. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I was on OkCupid for over a year! Everyday you will get interests,, Everyday you will be ghosted by you started messaging in the last 2 days Rarely one will message you for 3 days!!! Got texts,many at a. But all from Text mail subscribers You jump from app to app trying Ask cupid dating site understand why you cannot find matches.

In reality, all these use the same deceptive practices to scam people. For example show fake or years old non-active profiles or far away people, so you keep swiping until desperate enough to pay for "boost" or find out that all your likes are from overseas fake people. Get buying tips about Online Dating Sites and Services delivered to your inbox. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. All others were from overseas. I was a member 10 years ago and it wasn't like this.

They've changed their business model it seems. Have to pay membership to see anything even though it's supposed to be free. But Ask cupid dating site got nothing can be done unless you pay for it.

Just not what it says to you at all in there are terms and conditions. I strongly advise everyone to stay away from OkCupid scammer fraud site. Okcupid has no customer support at all. I also received 2 strange fake profile intros from China with fake pictures and fake info. Furthermore the only response I received was from a lady that was telling lies about herself in her profile falsely claiming she was single and alone but really is living with her baby daddy and her daughter doing this okcupid stuff behind his back, and claims she has multiple men she gets with behind her baby daddy back.

It seems that all she wanted from me and every other guy was phone sex and porn pics, once I refused she was gone like the wind. So to all you married men or married women or anyone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will probably find your lover on okcupid trying to cheat on you with a hookup maybe even for money.

Okcupd is disgusting. I hope the feds shut it down soon. Okcupid has unfortunately gone the way of most dating sites; that is, it's a scam. I ed up and immediately had 20 likes behind a paywall. As soon as I paid, I found an additional pay wall. Once I paid the likes were all revealed to be outside of my geographic area, which was a deal breaker. I am Autistic and extremely lonely, and it is embarrassing that I fell for such a scam. I deleted my in less than 24 hours. This is a predatory bait and switch company, Ask cupid dating site I hope this review dissuades others from using it in the hopes of finding love.

A pox on the House of Okcupid, and all those who sit inside it. Half of the s are spammed or Ask cupid dating site. Instead of okcupid. I can post my pictures of my tattoos on any other social media platform, but okcupid. If there is a contact, chances is, you'll never be able to speak to a Rep, you'll be speaking to a Ai rep.

Half of the people on okcupid. They'll take your personal information and sell it without your knowledge, or the spammed and Ai s that is on OKcupid. I am very most disappointed about OKC, maximum user are fake or Escort service provider.

One most dangerous thing about the users is that most of match are Honey trapping user. I hope OKC check this issue. New user, ed up a couple of days ago. I wasn't even able to complete my profile before I got banned for who knows what reason. Had some kind of error, attempted to contact support, and shortly thereafter I got a notice that I had been banned from the site.

Suppose that's one way to deal with tech support problems, though perhaps not the best way for attract paying customers or mitigating negative reviews on sites like Consumer Affairs Based upon the questions I was asked during up and also when I was fleshing out my profile, OKCupid OKC came across as being very "politically correct" and far left biased. I was asked at least a dozen times about my voting habits alone. What does that have to do with finding a date? Other examples of some of the questions are "Would you date someone who doesn't support the Metoo movement? Speaking of activism, I noticed blog entries and general themes suggesting that this is a Ask cupid dating site deal with members of the site.

No one else allowed It's great for someone who subscribes to that particular viewpoint and lifestyle, but not so much for anyone else. Especially for those of us who after all that has happened in have absolutely had it with politics across the board and just want to start living life again, the pandering on OKC is a gargantuan turn-off.

I suspect though I can't prove obviously that the reason I got banned is that I don't share the same viewpoints that OKC seems to support. Even with taking politics out of the equation, the quality and write-up of the questions leaves a lot to be desired. Spelling and grammar mistakes galore. Most of the questions are poorly worded, some are outright incoherent, and answer choices given are black and white either-or.

It may sound like I'm picking at nits, but trying to answer a questionnaire that is poorly written and sometimes hard to understand is no fun! Ironically, I was initially considering buying a month's subscription. For the brief time I was on OKC I actually spotted an old friend in the listings and wanted to drop them a line. I know the site is supposed to offer free messaging, but wasn't sure that a truly free exchange was going to be possible which is why I was thinking of subbing. Either way I think I successfully dodged a bullet! Speaking of subscriptions, the cost on OKC seems pretty high compared to some other sites I'm familiar with.

That same amount of money will purchase 3 months of service on Plenty of Fish, which incidentally is a much larger site. However for OKC it doesn't stop there. If you want to boost your profile to make it more visible for a short time, 15 minutes at a time if I recall the site info correctly, be prepared to pay up! The other complaints I see Ask cupid dating site other reviewers on here I can vouch for in a lot of cases.

Within the first few minutes of ing up suspiciously fast I suddenly had several "hits", people who supposedly clicked on my profile and were interested in meeting. They were of course all blurred out, so no idea if they were legit. I felt it was a pretty obvious lure to get the new user to pay for a subscription. I wasn't on long enough to encounter any scammers or catfishers, however I don't doubt the claims of the others one bit as it's a serious problem on all the "free" dating sites. The matching system is pretty strange too. I mean could this possibly be my long lost twin whom we got separated at birth?

Not exactly While we did agree on many points, there were quite a few major points we didn't, and a lot of those points I don't think either one of us would have been willing to budge on. Specifically when MYB introduced their dating game, they way they asked and presented the questions is identical. Same for the way they used to match people. It actually makes me wonder if OKC is a spinoff of those two sites or if the developers simply grabbed the code and made it fit for their purposes.

Overall my outlook on OKC is pretty negative. The political aspect is something I found to be bothersome and not something I want to get involved with on a dating site. Good for the reader who Ask cupid dating site into such things, but I think the vast majority of people on dating sites Customer service is about as horrible as it comes, and looking at other reviews, what happened to me seems to be a common problem The Ask cupid dating site that determines compatibility is whacked, as are the quality of the questions. Finally OKC is still a very small site compared to others, yet they still charge a premium for service compared to other sites.

I contacted OKCupid by through their "help" section. Seeing as you can only Ask cupid dating site. I wanted to know why when I did a password reset it said "That is unavailable". It has been over a week now and they have not replied back. Terrible customer service.

Created inthe site serves millions of members through a unique profile format and optional question and answer section. Unique profile format: Many dating sites only ask members to tell a little bit about themselves and who they are looking for. OKCupid makes it easier to learn more about prospective dates through open ended profile questions including six things you can't live without, what you are good at, what you are doing with your life, what you like to do on a friday night and more.

Thousands of optional questions: OKCupid has a unique feature that allows you to answer as many or as few multiple questions on topics ranging from values and relationship goals to personal hygiene and basic math skills. You can then compare your answers to those of people whose profiles you are viewing. Advanced search algorithm: Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find.

Some criteria are only available via upgraded membership. Anonymous network: Users can potential matches through OKCupid. Profiles are screened before being posted: OKCupid. Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since up to receive our free weekly newsletter. We value your privacy. Unsubscribe easily. Are you this business? Save Saved. Ask cupid dating site agent Are you this business? Find an Online Dating Sites partner. Frustrated with online dating? Take back control of your love life now with LoveAndMatchmaking.

About OkCupid. Overall Satisfaction Rating 5 stars. Sort: Recent. Most helpful. Filter by: Any. How do I know I can trust these reviews about OkCupid. 1 Reviews 0 - Original review: July 9, I was on OkCupid for over a year! Not sure how to choose? Devon of Margate, Florida Verified Reviewer. Original review: June 26, Have to pay membership to see anything even though it's supposed to be free. Original review: May 20, I strongly advise everyone to stay away from OkCupid scammer fraud site.

Original review: May 9, Okcupid has unfortunately gone the way of most dating sites; that is, it's a scam. Original review: April 19, OkCupid. Indra Ask cupid dating site Guwahati, Other Verified Reviewer.

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