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The focus of the BRC Team is to enhance harm reduction and physical safety within d body rub centres by focusing on: compliance for licensing, education and awareness programs, relationship building and information sharing with other licensing associations and municipalities. Carrie holds a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Services and has been Body rub parlour edmonton in the field of crime prevention and community safety for almost 15 years.

She has long been interested in helping to build communities into thriving and safe places for citizens of all kinds. During her 10 years working as part of the Neighbourhood Empowerment Team NETCarrie has worked to support projects ranging from safety changes to park spaces, a high-intensity program for at-risk youth to graffiti reduction. Now, working as part of the Body Rub Centre Task Force Implementation Team, Carrie has the opportunity to use her skills, alongside the lived Body rub parlour edmonton of many diverse people, to help make improvements to the lives of those working in this industry.

He has worked in various law enforcement roles until accepting a position with the City of Edmonton in April as a graffiti inspector. In addition to his time as a graffiti inspector, Chris also spent time in general bylaw enforcement and most recently as a Municipal Enforcement Officer with the newly created Cannabis enforcement team.

Chris enjoys working closely with communities and other agencies as well as the opportunity to apply his learning from university and experience in the adult entertainment industry. She has spent a year as a civilian employee with the Edmonton Police Service and has been working for the City of Edmonton Complaints and Investigations section for the past 3 years.

On this team she deals with the enforcement of all licensing related to Adult Services in the City of Edmonton. Tori works with the team to reduce harm by educating the public and service providers of all rules and regulations.

Body Rub Centres Task Force. Carrie Ellinger Community Safety Liaison carrie.

Chris Samy Municipal Enforcement Officer christopher. Tori Holley Municipal Enforcement Officer tori.

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Body rub parlour edmonton

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