Bones and booth dating in real life

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Because of the large cast of characters that come and go throughout the twelve seasons, Bones has plenty of relationships that fans grew to love.

Love blossomed between those who work at the Jeffersonian, as well as the agents who collaborated with them in the FBI. The forensic team spent most of their time together, and because of the dangerous situations that arose, they formed intimate bonds. The procedural has every type of dynamic in the book. There were slow burns, couples who were off and on, and even relationships that came completely out of left-field.

Some of these dynamics ended up going down in television history, but there were others that viewers didn't take a liking to. Wendell and Angela was a relationship that most fans wish they could forget. While both are beloved characters individually, putting them together was a bad decision on the show's part.

Angela is a free spirit who struggles to settle down, and Wendell is someone who gives his all to the person he's with. It was obvious throughout their romance that Wendell was more invested than Angela was, and Angela clearly still had feelings for Hodgins.

Booth and Hannah's relationship wasn't bad as much as it was dull. Hannah was a great addition to the show, and although she was meant to be an obstacle for Booth and Brennan, she was extremely likable. It was hard to have any kind of investment in the couple because it was obvious they weren't meant to last. But Booth did love Hannah at one point, and they only broke up after Hannah rejected his proposal. Brennan and Sully was another relationship that was created to pass time, but it was nice while it lasted.

Sully Bones and booth dating in real life a good guy who cared deeply about Brennan. He even wanted her to leave the Jeffersonian and sail away with him. Their ending was sad, as neither of them wanted to break up, but it turned out to be the Bones and booth dating in real life move. Brennan and Sully would never have worked in the long-run. Angela's old flame, Roxie, came back into her life at the perfect time. She had just broken off her engagement, and Angela was ready to give love another go. Their relationship was adorable, and it was clear from the moment Roxie appeared on the show that the two had a lot of history.

Angela struggled to be open with Roxie, but she made great progress while they were together. Sadly, it wasn't enough, and Roxie broke up with Angela after their philosophies on dating didn't line up. It can be difficult to care about relationships that blossom so late in the show, especially when it's made up of two new additions.

While not a standout, Aubrey and Jessica's romance added something special to the last couple of seasons of Bones. They had similar personalities, and Jessica seemed to love Aubrey's weird quirks. It's odd that the series chose to break them up at the very end, but it never felt like Jessica was in it for the long haul. Despite only spending a short amount of time on the show, Finn was a fan-favorite intern. He was unlike anyone else in the lab, and his complicated past provided an interesting storyline.

His relationship with Cam's daughter, Michelle, was a beautiful portrayal of young love. The cast of Bones is made up of middle-aged characters with established careers, so it was nice to see a different kind of romance. Finn and Michelle don't last, which isn't surprising giving where they're at in life, but it would've been satisfying if they someday found their way back to each other. Sweets and Daisy had the most complicated romance in the series. They were off and on for years, and the show even ignored that Sweets cheated on her more than once.

Despite the unhealthy nature of their relationship, it was hard not to root for them after all the time Bones invested into the couple. The two were always perfect for each other, so their countless breakups made little sense. Daisy ends up pregnant with Sweet's baby, but Sweets is killed before he gets to meet his. It was a tragic and heartbreaking end to their love story. Cam and Arastoo came out of nowhere, but they ended up being one of the best couples in Bones. Arastoo interned at the Jeffersonian for years, until one day, it was revealed that he and Cam were in a secret relationship.

They were arguably the healthiest relationship in the series, and they were both supportive and understanding of the other's needs. Their wedding was a beautiful way to wrap up the twelve-season-long procedural.

Angela and Hodgins's relationship was the definition of couple goals.

They never got boring, even after they spent half of the series married with. Hodgins's love for Angela could move mountains, and the actors' on-screen chemistry brought their relationship to a whole new level. They went through some rough patches, such as when Hodgins was left paralyzed from an explosion, but they always came out stronger on the other side. The slow-burn romance between Booth and Brennan will go down in television history. They're one of, if not the, most popular couples to ever come out of a crime procedural.

It took them almost seven years to finally enter a relationship, and once they did, the show got even better. Their sexual tension was off the charts, and Bones did an incredible job at torturing its fans. Booth and Brennan were married with children by the time the series ended, and the last shot of the show featured the two of them bickering like old times.

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Bones and booth dating in real life

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