Dating a bridesmaid

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Forget about Tinder.

The best place to find a bunch of single women all in one place is at a wedding. Step One: Play the long game. Every wedding has that one guy who boorishly inquires about the hotness of the bridesmaids.

Step Two: Make yourself useful. Weddings are fraught with landmines that always seem like a big deal in the moment but rarely are. Think like a bridesmaid and try to envision all the things that could go wrong: running mascara, blistery feet, ripped dresses, broken heels, falling updos. Be prepared with Dating a bridesmaid few Band-aids, a packet of tissues, and safety pins in your pocket so you can swoop in and save the day when one of these snafus inevitably occur.

Step Three: Do not get wasted. We repeat, do not get wasted. This advice may seem counterintuitive but in the pursuit of a one-night stand, an open bar is your enemy. And if the lady you have your eye on is seeing double, get her some of water, too. The other bridesmaids will thank you. Step Four: Slow dance. Step Five: Ask her back to your place.

Open a bottle of wine, then set it out to breathe. Meanwhile, dim the lights and have at it. The morning after: Make sure to squire your bridesmaid safely back to her place, whether she leaves at 4 a. Swap s, or not, but be a gentleman from start to finish because the gossip will get back to the bride and groom. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter. up now.

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Dating a bridesmaid

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