Easter bunny began in which european country

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Every year on Easter, legend has it that a long-eared, cotton-tailed creature comes to deliver festive baskets full of treats, toys, and delicious candy to children — and even lays colorful eggs for them to find! Among other Easter traditions like hot cross buns and egg huntsthe Easter Bunny has long been a well-known and popular symbol associated with the religious holiday — but have you ever wondered about the Easter Bunny's origins, and how exactly the cute, fluffy woodland creature became such a prevalent symbol of Easter?

Surprisingly, there's a lot of history behind the mythical story of an egg-bearing rabbit on Easter Sunday and it's not just because he's cute! The Easter Bunny actually has a long and deeply rooted history in the Christian holiday — and even in pagan traditions. Here's what to know about the fascinating origins of the Easter Bunny before you welcome the holiday with chocolate rabbits and plenty of bunny-shaped treats — including where the character comes from, why he's associated with Easter eggsand how he became such a beloved symbol of the holiday over the years.

The Bible has no mention of a mythical hare who delivers eggs to children on the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection — so how exactly did the Easter Bunny become a Easter bunny began in which european country symbol of one of Christianity's most important holidays?

One theory, according to Timeis that the symbol of the rabbit stems from the ancient pagan tradition believed to have started the celebration of Easter — the festival of Eostrewhich honored the goddess of fertility and spring. Supposedly, the goddess's animal symbol was a rabbitwhich have long traditionally symbolized fertility due to their high reproduction rates. As for how the specific character of the Easter Bunny originated in America, History.

Eventually, the custom spread across America to become a widespread Easter tradition — and over Easter bunny began in which european country, the fabled bunny's delivery even expanded from just eggs to include other treats such as chocolate and toys. Since rabbits are mammals and thus give birth to live youngyou might be wondering why exactly the Easter Bunny is said to lay eggs on the holiday.

The answer may be as simple as the fact that eggs, like the rabbit, have long been an ancient symbol of fertility, rebirth, and new life — all things associated with the springtime celebration of Easter! From a Christian perspective, eggs for Easter are said to represent Jesus' resurrection and his emergence from the tomb.

According to History. Today, the Easter Bunny is traditionally depicted with a white rabbit costume with long ears, often wearing clothes in human-like fashion.

He can typically be found at Easter parades and other celebratory events for the holiday carrying a basket filled with colorful eggs, candy, and other treats to give out to kids; like Santa Claus on Christmas. Interestingly, it's not always a bunny that brings the Easter eggs in countries outside of the U. Product Reviews. Home Ideas.

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Easter bunny began in which european country

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What's the Origin of the Easter Bunny?