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The actress says she's "so grateful" for the extended time that she and her husband — and former Revenge costar — Josh Bowman have spent together at home during lockdown. In thinking about the positives of the extended time spent at home during lockdown over the last year, Emily VanCamp says she is grateful that the break in her busy work schedule allowed for extra bonding time with husband Josh Bowman — and their rescue pup Frankie B.

I was like, 'Okay, I actually get to just sleep for a bit,' which was amazing. Just being able to enjoy the quiet, enjoy Emily from revenge dating husband and my dog, enjoy being home, things that I hadn't had for a really long time. I did not take that for granted at all. I loved every second of it. They started dating in and married in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star says she and British actor Bowman learned new things within the past year that they appreciate about each other.

We definitely discovered what it's like to just be together all the time, good and bad," VanCamp says with a laugh. VanCamp, who along with Bowman largely keep their relationship private, says she appreciates Emily from revenge dating husband's patience and positivity. It's very nice to have that as a balance. I was very lucky to have such a positive person around all the time. For the Revenge fans out there who loved watching VanCamp and Bowman onscreen together, the actress — who also stars on Fox's medical drama The Resident — says that she and Bowman would definitely consider working together again on a future project.

He's working on a few things right now that I could definitely see myself working alongside him, getting involved in with him, it's exciting. I think he's very talented behind the camera as well.

And while Revenge fans shouldn't hold their breath for a reboot, VanCamp remains close with her costars and has great memories from working on the show. And then I think it really helped prepare me to go on to Revenge.

I learned so much from so many wonderful people, specifically wonderful women, that I was ready to take that on at still quite a young age. But yeah, again, some of my best friends are some of the cast of Revenge.

I'm so grateful that I've been able to make all of these lasting friendships and never had too, too crazy of a set. You hear these horror stories. ET on Fox. People Exclusive. FB Tweet More. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. View All. David McCartney. Close in.

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Emily from revenge dating

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Marvel’s Emily VanCamp on 10 Years with Husband Josh Bowman: ‘We’re Very Lucky’