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Being a spy sounds much more adventurous than it actually is.

Which can go for months, which is why Person A is currently walking the dog through their suburban neighborhood, while Person B is making food for the BBQ with the suspicious neighbors. The apartment is perfect and both Person A and Person B are desperate to move in, but then the landlord Fake dating au it slip that he is very conservative and only wants couples in a stable relationship living in his house, so maybe Person A and Person B have to act a little, so that they can both have a roof over their head.

Person A wants to be on a game show that is Fake dating au for couples, so they Person B up with them. Person A desperately needs their teacher to see them in a better light to pass the class and that teacher thinks very highly of Person B, so maybe being associated with Person B can help Person A out and in return Person B can finally be a bit more popular — if they even want to.

Person A has won a vacation on a cruise for couples.

Being single, they ask their friend to come with them. Person A and Person B are partners in crime and people would never believe how easy it is to be unsuspicious, when they act like a couple with a little bit too much PDA. Being married comes with a lot of benefits — financially, socially and most importantly getting their families off their backs.

Both of them have a crush on Person C, so when Person C invites them both to their surprise wedding to Person D, Person A and Person B feel pretty stupid about having used to fight over Person C and they Fake dating au to show up together for the wedding. Person A wants that promotion at work Fake dating au badly and they worked so hard for it, having no time to date and now their boss is criticizing them for not promoting the family friendly image of the company.

Well, if a spouse and is all Person A needs to get that promotion, then they will get themself a family for the next company outing. If you like my blog and want to support me, you can buy me a coffee!

Do you have any prompts for fake dating royalty au in historic settings. And reasons why they might fake date? So here are a couple prompts for you for historic royalty and the reasons are included in the prompts. I really hope you enjoy them :. Hope you are as well. Posts Submit your own prompts! Fake Dating AUs 1. The reason for why Person A needed Person B to be their date was implausible at best. We can leave now. No one said anything about Fake dating au the marriage! Go big or go home.

How about we practice having an argument and you sleeping on the couch? Spy Prompts requested by: fopdoodledane Text Prompts They are both spies, but from different agencies and the chaos is perfect, when they both get ased to the same mission. Hand-to-hand combat is very important for a spy.

So, they have to train. A lot. They were like a chameleon, when it came to changing their appearance and demeanor, but the names they chose for themself when they were undercover were always just the worst. Hitting on the target was part of the plan, but them immediately falling head over heels for the undercover spy was not planned. He was a ruthless agent, not afraid to get their hands dirty. But after an injury the agency set them up to become a mentor for the next generation of spies and he somehow feels more like a glorified babysitter right now.

I need to check on my patient. Anonymous asked: Hi! Hi : So much fake dating… there are actually more fake dating prompts coming this month! I really hope you enjoy them : Fake Dating Royalty Prompts When their group gets attacked in a forest, the knights fight of the attackers long enough for their royal charge to flee. Fortunately, they get to a small village and one villager immediately sees the danger they are in and dresses them in old clothing and introduces them as their spouse, when the attackers search the village shortly after.

When her parents want to reign in their wild child with an arranged marriage, she uses her double on her wedding day and flees with her lover to live her own live. Fake dating au double is loyal enough to go through with the Fake dating au, but gets discovered later.

Which means she stays married with her prince and has a lot of pretending to do. Every arranged marriage was basically fake dating, especially if they sold their relationship well to the public. After the death of her parents, she suddenly has to be the ruler of the kingdom. She realizes quickly that a queen without a king or royal consort does not get the respect she deserves. She asks her childhood friend to assume Fake dating au position for her.

And what do I get out of it? Favourite Tropes A compiled list of tropes and AO3 tags. Advent Special Prompts 2. Advent Special Prompts 3. Advent Special Prompts 4. See this in the app Show more.

Fake dating au

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