Hidden places in rochester ny

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in. I continue to meet life-long residents of Hidden places in rochester ny who have no idea these hidden places are just minutes away from where they work and live. You are, in a sense. It may have been a story of the past had it not been for this nature-loving community.

City of Rochester. I have lived in Rochester my whole life, with my childhood years spent in West Irondequoit, and I never knew this public sidewalk was here. Across from Clematis St. The beautiful lawns and gardens along the sidewalk are privately owned; only the path is public and maintained by the City. Most folks drive down Lake Ave. Turn off Lake Ave onto Boxart St. The boardwalk takes you out into the river, close to blue herons, swans, turtles and other wildlife. As Irondequoit Creek passes through Channing H Philbrick Parkly known as Linear Park, it drops 90 feet over one mile giving us the cascades that make this park so special.

It has everything the perfect park should have: a fast-flowing creek, waterfalls, cascades, and rapids, opportunities for fishing and cooling off in the hot summer months, a pavilion, a playground, picnic tables, and trails that connect them all together.

If you are starting near Lamberton Hidden places in rochester ny, head down Reservoir Ave. Hope Ave. Stroll around to the back of the castle and down the lawn, and there you will find the Sunken Garden. It is the perfect escape from the crowds at the Lilac Festival! Often, there are photographers taking wedding and family photos, like anywhere in Highland Park. Take the winding trail east of the reservoir, through a quiet grove of ancient oaks where you will find the graffiti-tagged water towers. The art is thought-provoking and ever-changing.

Seneca Park is connected to Maplewood Park via the pedestrian bridge. The bridge is accessed using stairs or the ramps on both sides of the river. Growing up in Irondequoit, my father used to job to and from work at Kodak using this bridge. He has fantastic stories of runners being dive-bombed by birds of prey! Next time you are in Pittsford Plaza, take a look Lock 62 for it right behind Applebees. It is one of the best preserved antiquated locks along the canal system.

The southwestern portion of the loop follows the bed of the 19th century Erie Canal from the Spring House on Monroe Avenue to Lock 62, and the towpath from Lock 62 to the current canal. Main St. I have even heard from people who have lived in Naples that had no idea a glen of this incredible beauty was right there.

The great thing about Grimes Glen is that the walk in and the trail along the glen is flat, though a bit muddy after a lot of rain. Go for it! The glen is public, free, and you are encouraged to walk in the water. Grimes Glen is a place where common sense and instinct are your compass. Heavy rain and snow-melt will add complexity to this in-and-out hike, but also powerful beauty. Get started.

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Hidden places in rochester ny

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