How to make a long picture

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Taking pictures and sharing them on social media sites is what we all like a lot and do it daily. However, to share a lot of things or memories means more and more photos. At that time, the best option to share multiple memories in one picture is perhaps a photo collage. We can use different styles and add multiple pictures in a single image using photo collage. We can show only some part of a particular image. So, if you want to share memories in a single photo, then one of the useful options available is creating a long picture. You can add maximum 9 images to create a long picture.

Apart from that, you can also add text for every single image. There are three different styles also available to create the long picture: Classic, Movie, and Diary style.

Select any style, add photos, add text to photos, and generate a long picture. The final output can be saved to phone gallery as well as shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, this Android app lets you create a photo collage in a different way. If you had a get together with friends or party with some memories captured on your phone and want to share all those memories in a single photo, then LONPIC is a very good option to try.

Above you can see an example of how a long pic looks like. It contains multiple photos one after another in vertical mode. Let me show you how this works. Install this app and the very first thing to do is to select a style or say mode.

Diary, Classic, and Movie modes are available to choose from. On the top-left corner, there is an icon to show a list of options likefeedback, rate, etc.

On the top-right corner, How to make a long picture icon to visit the photo gallery is available. After selecting a style, you need to select and add images from the gallery or choose the camera option to click pictures. Once you have selected the pictures, you can preview the output with the selected style. For each individual image, an option to add text is also available. You can also click on the icon available at the bottom-right corner to access preset border styles and select any border style as per your wish.

Finally, you can click save your long pic and also share it instantly or later. Above is the long picture that I created. The process is same to create long pictures using other modes. So, LONPIC is an interesting and a different option to create a photo collage and share multiple images in a single image. I guess a few more options should also be added to make this app more useful.

For example, there should be option available to change text size, color, and font. Also, border styles are very limited. So, more border styles should be added. Overall, I can say this is definitely one of the best options available to share multiple images as a single image.

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How to make a long picture

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