How to politely end a friendship

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Subscriber active since. At some point, you may feel that you and a friend don't connect anymore, whether you find you have less in common or feel they're treating you differently lately and are subtracting from your life more than adding to it. Like a romantic relationshipyou may know it's not working out, but when it comes time to breaking up with them, it's easier said than done. However, sometimes, there are s it's time to dump a friend. Place said the common theme in working friendships is having a friend who leaves you feeling supported and cared for.

To Place's point, if you're not sure whether or not to cut someone out of your life, here are 9 s it's time to end a friendship, according to therapists. Any type of relationship should be a two-way street, whether it's a platonic, familial, or romantic one. But if you find that a certain friendship is consistently one-sided, it may be time to say goodbye. Trust is a big part of any kind of relationship, and once it's gone, it's hard to recover.

Li said if it's a minor incident and the injuring friend shows regret and a plan to regain trust, the injured friend may give them another chance — with caution. Along the lines of being able to trust your friend, you want to make sure that they keep private things private, according to Jill Whitney, a d marriage and family therapist LMFT who writes about relationships and sexuality at KeepTheTalkGoing.

Many things you talk about won't be especially private, she said, and then it's probably fine for your friend to share those things with other friends. Although everyone has good times and bad times, if your friend tends to be more pessimistic than optimistic, it may be a to end the friendship. Sometimes, friends drift apart, whether you have less in common or life circumstances have changed. If you have little or nothing to talk about anymore, it may be a your friendship as you knew it has come to an end. To save the friendship, Whitney suggested, talk about how your lives have changed or focus on an activity that both of you still like.

If your friend constantly has drama happening in their world, it may negatively affect your friendship with them. Place advises to ask yourself if this friendship is actually mutual and supportive, or if you're just being drawn into the amusement or drama. Whitney agrees. There will be times when How to politely end a friendship have to say "no" to a friend, whether it's regarding weekend plans or doing them a favor, and it may How to politely end a friendship be easy.

Place says it's important to see how they react when you have to say "no. A friend supports you and understands when you need to take time for yourself versus making it about themselves or being passive-aggressive. No friendship is perfect, and you and your friend should be able to voice your concerns when one of you feels hurt or needs to address a problem. However, if you can't, there may be a problem within the friendship. She said a of a quality friend, however, is that they may not agree with you on something, but they will hear you out respectfully. When you're with a friend, hopefully, they make you feel better, not worse.

If it's the latter, it may be time to cut ties. She said to consider a few factors: Do they constantly compare you negatively to themselves or other people? Do they consistently point out your faults? Do they mock you, maybe in an "Oh-I'm-just-joking-but-still hurtful" way? World How to politely end a friendship An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Redeem your free audiobook. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Executive Lifestyle. Natalia Lusinski.

Sometimes, you and a friend may not click the way you once did. Whether you've grown apart or the relationship has become toxicat some point, you may need to break up with a friend. Here, three therapists weigh in regarding s it's time to end a friendship. The friendship is consistently one-sided. They betray your trust.

They don't keep your secrets. They are overly negative and pessimistic.

You have little or nothing to talk about. They create or attract drama. They are passive-aggressive when you say "no" to them. They dismiss it when you raise a concern. They make you feel worse, not better. Loading Something is loading.

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How to politely end a friendship

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Six tips for ending a friendship gracefully