How to tell if your hookup likes me

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He spends the night. My last ex rarely ever spent the night despite the fact that we dated for several years and it always hurt my feelings.

He shows interest in your career and hobbies. The two of you have deep pillow talk. If he shares a personal or intimate story about his life, it shows he trusts you enough to open up around you. In a society where men are constantly made to associate emotions with weakness, opening up can be a step in him not only progressing as a human but possibly taking your relationship to the next level. He tells his boys about you.

He takes his time in bed. Now is not the time for quickies — if he takes his time trying to please you instead of jackhammering your vagina for two minutes and then falling asleep, there may be more to your relationship than just hooking up.

Does he groan in dismay or scrunch up his face in disgust when you ask if a friend can tag along? Who knows more about how and why you function the way you do better than your pals? I remember the first time my current boyfriend grabbed my hand while we were walking down a busy street with our friends. He takes care of you. Problems can and will happen in any relationship but how he responds is key. If, for example, he says something boneheaded that hurts your feelings, does he apologize and change his behavior or does he buck up and blame your feelings on you being too emotional?

Does he leave at the first of a fight or does he stay and try to fix it?

He takes you to meaningful places on dates. Instead of just going to a movie, does he grabs some sandwiches and take you to his favorite spot in the city to people watch? Giving mom a hug and shaking hands with pops requires a lot of balls — balls that have probably been in your mouth at some point which is why the whole interaction can be awkward. However, the fact that your dude would even make an effort to meet them to make you happy speaks volumes. Check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want.

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How to tell if your hookup likes me

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