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Your family's new best friend.

Black and Chocolate and Yellow. Labradors backed by our temperament and health guarantee. For over thirty years we have been connecting Labrador Retreiver puppies and owners to create bonds that last a lifetime. Our labs are large, friendly, working class labradors that are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

All of our females are Canadian Kennel Club registered dogs. They all have passed their OFA testing. This means that our dogs are purebred Labradors and their hips, knees and elbows show no of genetic disease related problems. We also take a lot of pride in the care we give our dogs and always do anything for them our vet recommends. It is very important to us that we breed for healthy dogs!

To do this we breed for health and temperament qualities first and looks second. We go through a rigorous process to make sure the dogs we use are healthy, happy and that we keep the genetic pool very wide. One of they ways we do that is by mixing the two different styles of Labradors to get tall and sturdy built dogs.

Our dogs are large in size, eager to please, and easy going, with excellent health. All of our dogs live in our home with us. They are free to come in and out of the house as they please. We also have a one acre property that they are free to roam during the day. We have a dedicated puppy area in our home that is our puppy nursery. This is where are puppies are born and live. They also have indoor and outdoor access at all times. We are very proud to say that each of dogs are very loved, they have lots of attention and cuddles everyday.

You are welcome to come and visit. Please to book an appointment. Most of our litters sell out about a year in advance, but we often have cancellations so please if you are looking for the kind of Labrador that Labrador for sale vancouver loves. See our latest litters! Every puppy comes with:. All of mothers have had OFA hips, knees and elbows. All of our dogs are CKC registered. We also provide our health and temperament guarantee for the first two years. We will also always re-home the dog if you are in need.

They are both! We have mixed the two styles of Labradors over the years to get taller, heavily built Labradors with big Labrador for sale vancouver. Our dogs are usually around 80 Lbs fully grown. We take great care in picking and pairing the breeding pairs to get healthy dogs with great temperaments.

Please see the "deposits online store " tab for availability. You can also look at the "planned litters" tab to read about the litters. Once the puppies are born we will our waitlist with any extra puppies that become available. So even if we have sold out of deposits for the year we may still have puppies that become available. Clients and potential clients are welcome to book an appointment with us to come visit. Also for each litter we will pick one Saturday where we bring the puppies to Sidney BC where you can pick up your puppy. This way you do not have to make the trip to Saturna Island if you do not want to.

However, once in a while we do have a adult dog to re-home. Part of our guarantee is that no matter what happens in your life we will take one of our dogs back if you can no longer keep it for any reason. In those cases we make sure to re-home our dogs to the perfect family. If you would to be added to our waitlist for adult dogs please and let us know.

We have sold out of deposits for But we will likely have more puppies become available throughout the year! Vancouver Island's Favourite Labrador Retrievers. We Labrador for sale vancouver committed to the ethical raising of dogs with excellent health and temperament. We choose our lineages based on making sure that your new best friend is happy, healthy and ready to love you. These dogs are so lovable and healthy that many of our clients become repeat customers. We are so certain that you will love your dog that we provide a lifetime guarantee.

If the dog has any health or temperament issues, bring the dog back for a refund. If a life circumstance comes up and you have to part with your dog, we will take them back and give them a happy home. Vancouver Island Labradors. Black and Chocolate and Yellow Labradors backed by our temperament and health guarantee.

Our Breeding Process. Health and Genetic Testing. Breeding Selection. Living Conditions. Puppy Details. Microchipping All of mothers have had OFA hips, knees and elbows All of our dogs are CKC registered We also provide our health and temperament guarantee for the first Labrador for sale vancouver years.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are your dogs American or English style? Do you have any puppies left for ? Saturna Island? Can we come visit? Do you ever have adult or senior dogs to adopt? We only take 8 deposits per litter in advance and there are almost always more than 8 puppies per litter. The Vancouver Island Labradors' Story.

Labrador for sale vancouver

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