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And you want MORE? Because what I see in todays porn, no matter how wide or varied the fetish goes, is always the same thing. Quick, linear gratification.

Almost always geared toward pleasing the gaze of the dude. Straight forward, hyper-exaggerated. Sexuality and desire is as unique as a fingerprint for anyone and if this kind of content makes you happy, all power to you.

But there is something severely lacking in todays over-sexualised world. A world where productivity remains the paramount value, where every input needs an output, every endeavour a conclusion. You would think having sex slapping us in the face everywhere we go, we would be a sexuality-literate society.

I wanted to provide a Ladies erotic com list of three admirable women who are doing their work to flip the script, to reclaim desire, to revel in the space of lust and sex and magic. Peruse at your pleasure…. Lust is a sex-positive adult filmmaker and her goal is to portray sex the way she sees it: beautiful, intelligent and full of joy. Often called the maker of feminist porn, Erika creates sex stories that are aimed at pleasing women. The shift towards consuming organic produce instead of fast food is reflective of a more ethical, intelligent society.

All at Erika Lust films want to encourage this type of consumerism within adult entertainment, through ethical production and distribution. They have a sex-positive mantra that ensures equal Ladies erotic com fair payment for all involved in the film making, diversity in the talent and most importantly?

It feels like being a kid, and stumbling across the naughty parts of a book on your parents bookshelf. Follow her on Instagram here. Thank me later. Delivering daily words of wisdom on all things desire, sex, orgasm, pussy, relationships and pleasure, follow her online musings and watch your sex life explode, stat. Conventional sex is modern mechanical sex obsessed with skills and orgasm.

Concentrated on the most efficient orgasmic release, both partners work hard to reach this goal. In an effort to cum, movements become faster, harder, more aggressive and more unconscious. Partners often crave intense sexual stimulations as help — fantasies, porn, sex toys. The goal of orgasm interferes with pleasure. It causes stress of performance and satisfaction — both people determined to finish the session successfully.

Conventional sex is lacking in sensuality, pleasure, abundance of time and patience. Conventional sex is not a sustainable form of love making in long term relationships and is one of the main reasons why couples stop having sex.

It is especially damaging to the female body and sexual psyche. Hard-core and impatient thrusting, lack of foreplay, unconscious Ladies erotic com, expectations and guilt-tripping to have sex all turn a woman off sex over time. The body begins to armour and close down.

Thats when numbness, dryness, inability to orgasm begin to appear. Once the novelty of new sex partner wanes, so does the female libido. Many assume that they are broken somehow for not enjoying it. Women living without the ambiance of sensual and Ladies erotic com love wilt and dry up like flowers, often experiencing depression, despair and stress. How to step out of conventional sex? First, take a step inward into your own body and heart. Understand what is currently holding you back from experiencing pleasure.

What do you like?

What Ladies erotic com you? What irritates you? Where does it hurt? What excites you? What fulfils you? Follow her here. Facebook Instagram. Next. Intellectual, imaginative, romantic, emotional. This is what gives sex its surprising textures, its subtle transformations, its aphrodisiac elements. You are shrinking your world of sensations. You are withering it, starving it, draining its blood. About the Author: Caitlin Creeper. Caitlin is a journalist and writer from Australia. You can find her at caitlincreeper. Related Posts. March 23rd, 0 Comments.

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