Local swing in Salvacanete

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Much can happen before the HIS off year elections roll around, but It la becoming apparent that Re publican hopes of recapturing sub tanttal ground In Congreaa are the highest In several years. Moreover, vlalona of a return to power tn begin to arise In the minds of the minority men when they study the possible triplication of the rift In Democratic ranks and the paeslons stimulated by the court bill fight. He has never accepted in terms the surrender In that fighta capitulation negotiated by Vice-President Garner, if Mr.

Roosevelt carries to the country, as many of his political lieutenants expect him to do, the flsht for "objectives" of his admin Istratlon. Including reorganisation of the Supreme Court, that issue will cast Local swing in Salvacanete shadow over every Democratic nrimary race. Regard less of definite "reprisal" efforts by the administration. Of the M Senate seats - up nest year for refilling, St are held by Democrats and only four by Republicans.

Local swing in Salvacanete

Tet administrate tlon strategists declare that of the it Democrats, 10 were openly or tacitly supporting the defeated court bill and only I opposed. The only direct campaign announcement yet made by a senator in the aftermath of the court fight la that of Van Nuys. Indiana Demo-crat and die-hard opponent of the administration's proposal. Months In sdvance of the Indiana primaries he has announced his Intention of seeking reelection In the face of a declaralton by Governor Townsend, Democratlo executive, that he would not get a renomlnatlon.

Other participants In that Democratic revolt who face tests of. Clark In Missouri. George of Georgia. Gillette tn Iowa, Loner-gan In Connecticut. McCarran in Nevada, the South Carolina veteran. Smith, already long at outs with the administration on farm and other policies, and Tyd- lncs of Maryland.

Concrete, while It grinds toward a holiday, Is vexed by controversy over isbor and farm policy Local swing in Salvacanete. Sagging cotton prices and Impending bumper crops In " other staples may change the farm Issue picture overnight. Administration leaders, including the President, use the spectre of new farm aurpluses to renew demands for new crop controls.

On the labor front the C. Both aides are preparing for political action In the coming campaign on a scale hitherto unknown to organised labor. Political fortunes of many a senator or house member may rest on what these. The struggle over relief policy and budget balancing will be renewed before the campaign gets fully under way. The "bias" cry against the national Relations board, administering the Wagner ' collective bargaining act.

Local swing in Salvacanete C. This gave a cash total of approximately I. VTllKTl rartly eteaar. Tanadar leral tbaa. Taeartar vfta lwal thearahewra m the eaeat. Mtta aaala aaa aaajta-wast wMe aa taa sisst. C, Aug. The two boys with him wore bathing suits. While they were splashing in the "wash hole" some girls drove up in an automobile.

Johnson, unable to swim, ducked all but his head under water and hurried upstream. They found hla body three hours later.

Local swing in Salvacanete

In water six feet deep. OP The Houae of Representatives.

Local swing in Salvacanete

It win debate wage and hour lea. The meas ure provides only for chances of procedure in the lower courts, and aoes not mention the Supreme Court. Thie Is not sn Issue likely to de lay adjournment, which most legislators now expect by Aug. Speaker Bankhead predicted the House will pass the bill without delay. L probably will go at once to a Senate-House conference commit tee. Thus, the House may merely act upon the committee report Local swing in Salvacanete mav not debate the court amendment at all.

Injunction hearings by three-court federal Judges, and reasment of district Judges to dispose of crowded dockets.

Local swing in Salvacanete

Some members protested that Vice-President Garner caught themunawares when he hinged his gavel and pronounced the bill passed by unanimous consent. They demanded a roll call but Garner decided they were too late. The action was an antl-cllmax to many months of bitter debate which began when President Roosevelt submitted his original proposal to reorganise the judiciary, including the Supreme Court. As for adjournment, there was a general belief today that the labors of his session sre almost concluded.

Moreover, the talk of a special session this fall to pass crop control legislation appeared to be dying away. ly the President had in. Local swing in Salvacanete applauded and whistled for encores. And they all ed In the group singing as an outlet for their enthusiasm. Such was the crowd that over flowed Centennial Park at o'clock Sunday afternoon for the third Leon cole organ concert sponsored by The Tennessean Papers. The warm response to the variety program even outdid the weather for heat aa Fred Waller, popular radio tenor, and Leon Cole literally nrougnt down the "house" with their s.

Sunday's crowd.

Local swing in Salvacanete

Judging from the roar of applause that swelled out ever the lawn surrounding the bandshell after Waller's - secondwas almost par cent irisn. From the 10 forest fire prevention towers located at strategic points over the state, over 1, acres, or a fifth of the entire state. In There were 4. The potential value of the forests de atroyed waa over 17, There Is a force of 1, workers.

Those are a few facts that will illustrate the expanse and the value of the operations of the Forestry division Local swing in Salvacanete the State Department ot Conservation. Director J. Hasard describee the division as embracing nine functlona: Forest fire control, re forestation, forest and park acquisition, establishment and development of state forests and parks. Christmas greens conservation, white pine blister rust control.

Approximately half the areas needing pro. Protection Is being extended as rspldjy Continued en Psge 2; Column 2. I OP The Republicans on the House banking committee demanded today that the United States stop buying gold, pending some International agreement to "harmonise" currencies. They also suggested that part of the huge gold stock now on hand be applied to the reduction of the national debt.

The Inactive gold serves no useful purpose whatever, but If spoiled to the reduction of the national debt would save the taxation now necessary to pay Interest on bonds Issued for borrowing money to buy the gold to be buried. We pay for the gold nearly. If not quite; twice the average cost of production.

A large part of the huge profit accrues to the ad vantage of countries owing us big debts they will not even reduce. For next week two other well-known local musicians, John Lewis, baritone, and Freddie Rose, com poser, will be asked by Leon Cole and The Tennessean Papers to appear on the program.

Aa usual, the listeners requests will guide the organist hi planning his concert. There have ewi all sorts of Instruments from a "graphophone" of the gas-lit era to the now almost extinct hand organ. Yesterday, Leon Cole Local swing in Salvacanete the fancy and approval of the crowd with a celesta.

This small Instrument, Invented by a Frenchman more than half 'a century ago, looks like a tiny piano. The tones, however, are those of bells.

Local swing in Salvacanete

With the mighty electric organ as a background. Coroner John M. Kearney Local swing in Salvacanete a suicide verdict. He said Dr. Long evidently had been dead about II hours. Several chloroform bottles were found near the doctor's bed, the coroner said. A son, William F. Long, aald Dr. Long had been in ill health four or five years. Her death raises Davidson Coun ty's traffic toll for the year to Eight others In the death car, driven by Charlie Roller.

Wright and two passengers In his truckals-J escaped Injury. Mary Frances Martin, the party was returning from a vege table-buying trip to the country shortly after 4 o'clock when the ac cident occurred. She said their au tomoblle had Just topped a small hill near the Elm Hill road Inter' section when Wrighfs truck met them and struck the rear part of the left running board, on which Miss Martin was riding, sne was nunea approximately 60 feet Wright stopped Immediately and carried her to General Hospital, but Local swing in Salvacanete lana said she was dead on arrival.

Ha was released on IZ. Riding Inside Roller's car were the victim's mother and stepfather, Mr. Emrhett Mar tin; her step-brother, waiter Martin. I Miss. Martin and another brother, Emmelt. Margaret Gibson of Old Hickory; brother.

Lewis Mar-tin, and a step-sister, Miss Char-line Martin. The body waa removed to the M. Booth funeral home. The two Vermont farmhands explained that they carried the guns because they thought they needed protection in New Tork. Magistrate Harry G. Andrews waa unsympathetic; he held them in f ball for special sessions. Mist Buck wrote a note and left it In her teacher's car aaylng, "I hope Local swing in Salvacanete are not toe mad. Good Old Summer Time. Cole's program ranged from the classical te thelatest popular s.

First he played a "fan. Franco-Spanish Frontier, Aug. I CP Insurgent of fleers declared today that Gen erallsslmo Francisco Franco's at' tacka on the Albarracin front were being organised into an offenatve deed to paralyse the whole system of government communlca tiona east of Madrid.

An Insurgent advance guard of highly mobile troops, following up well coordinated attacks, wss re ported already pressing on Sslva canete, keypolnt on the Cuenca Teruel Highway. The capture of Salvacanete would plant the red and gold flag of In surgent Spain within 10 miles. In direct line of government-held Cuenca, provincial capital and center of the wnole network ro which the Government using to link Madrid, Guadalajara and Its Teruel front with Valencia and Barcelona.

Salvacanete, about miles east of Madrid. Is the halfway point on the winding road which runs southwest from Insurgent Teruel to Cuenca. From Insurgent sources came in slstent reports that Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, allied with the Madrid-Valencia Local swing in Salvacanete was sgaln torn open with street fight' Ing between anarchists, strong In the Catalonlan regime and mem bers of the P.

In spite of Insurgent Jubilation over Franco's reported gains south of Albarracin. Government officers Insisted their troops had lost little ground in that sector. Insurgent, communiques said Franco's troops south of Albarra cln encountered little resistance today. While the main Insurgent thrust was southward from Albarracin, another column was waiting mar Teruel for a drive southwestward on the Cuenca Highway as soon as the main force reaches Salvacanete, Control of this section would per mit the insurgents to move men and guns swiftly down from Teruel and establish a base at Salvacanete from which they could strike di rectly at Caaete and the main de fenses of Cuenca.

Government sources aald counter attacks in the Albarracin moun tains and on the Santander front In the north gained ground. But Insurgent Officers Insisted their lines were unchanged on both fronts. After an all-night drive the boy and hla parents, Mr. Mccianahan, arrived at a local hospital this morning.

Local swing in Salvacanete

Under guidance of a flouro scope, surgeons withdrew the tack through a bronschoscope. The patient waa reported In satisfactory condition. Emulating a workman hanging draperies in hla home yesterday. On a deep breath he drew It into his lung.

Local swing in Salvacanete

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