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Two relatives of Yaser Said — a capital murder suspect arrested Wednesday — have been charged with helping Mr. Said evade capture for more than 12 years, announced U. Both made their initial appearances before U. Magistrate Judge Hal R. Ray in Fort Worth Friday afternoon. According to law enforcement, Yaser drove them to a location in Irving and shot them to death inside his taxicab, abandoning their bodies inside the vehicle.

The following day, he was charged by the state with two counts of capital murder. In Dec. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox. Thankfully, their day of reckoning has finally arrived. The FBI and our law enforcement partners will pursue anyone who helps a criminal evade capture.

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According to the criminal complaint against Islam and Yassein, nine years after the murder, on Aug. Dispatched to repair a water leak, the maintenance worker knocked on the apartment door, but when no one answered, he used a key to unlock it. To his surprise, he found the interior deadbolt locked, indicating someone was inside the apartment. He knocked again, announcing himself as a maintenance worker. A tall, middle-aged Middle Eastern man opened the door and permitted him to make the repairs.

At approximately p. Islam, upset, allegedly refused to cooperate. Finding the front door locked, they were forced to breach the door. They did not discover anyone inside, but observed the sliding glass patio door open. Underneath the patio, they noticed a bush with broken branches, suggesting someone had Meet sexy girls in Justin Texas off the patio and landed on the bush.

Next to the flattened bush, they found a pair of eyeglasses, which they collected as evidence. Agents also collected several pieces of evidence from inside the apartment, including several cigarette butts and a toothbrush inside a luggage bag in a closet. Analyists determined a 1 in 5. Twelve days after the raid on the apartment, on August 26,Customs and Border Patrol located Islam more than 1, miles away, inside a car selected for secondary screening at the U.

Canada border. Three years later, on Aug. They watched Islam and Yassein allegedly drive up to the home, deliver grocery bags inside, and carry trash bags back to their car. Two days later, at p.

Meet sexy girls in Justin Texas

The agents followed the pair to a shopping center in Southlake, TX, approximately 19 miles from the house. They watched as Islam exited the vehicle, and Yassein pulled around to the side of the shopping center. Once the vehicle had pulled out of the parking lot, agents began to dig through the garbage cans on the side of the shopping center.

Meet sexy girls in Justin Texas

They seized the bags and transported them back to the FBI Field Office, where they found numerous cigarette butts and other garbage. The following day, agents executed a search warrant on the home, where they arrested Yaser Said. They arrested Yassein and Islam at a separate location in Euless, Texas. A criminal complaint is merely an allegation of wrongdoing, not evidence. Like all defendants, Yassein and Islam Said are pd innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law, as is Yaser Said.

If convicted, Yassein and Islam face up to five years in federal prison. Yaser, indicted by the state on capital murder charges, faces the death penalty. Meet sexy girls in Justin Texas U. Attorneys Tiffany Eggers and Errin Martin are prosecuting the case. You are here U. Attorneys » Northern District of Texas » News.

Department of Justice. Friday, August 28, On Aug. Topic s :. Component s :. Erin Dooley Public Affairs erin.

Meet sexy girls in Justin Texas

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