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Some people are not aware as to how big geek and nerd culture actually is. While gaming attracts people from all walks of life, geek and nerd culture were looked down upon. The main reason was because of the stereotype that nerds had. You know.

The pimple face guy with no sense of fashion and lack of social skills. Well those stereotypes are not the same anymore and nerds have changed in the past two decades. From anime and cosplay, to superhero comic books and all other nerd activities, it is getting positive recognition. Nerd culture has become so popular that there are even TV shows and reality TV shows that you probably never herd of before.

As a matter of fact there have been geeky and nerdy bars and clubs being created all over North American for the geek and nerd community. Check out these 14 geeky and nerdy bars and places to hang out at. I hope you enjoy the list and check out these shows. Most likely they are streaming on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime video. Heroes of cosplay was hosted by the one and only Yaya Han. There a huge love and hate relationship with this show because on one hand, people like it because there is finally a television show about cosplay and on the other hand, it shows mostly the dark side of cosplay which is drama and jealousy.

Parts of the show portray cosplay as something that is done professionally and this is Nerds dating show part where people felt insulted. As if cosplay is only for people that look like a certain character. Some Nerds dating show cosplay as a hobby and no matter if you are skinny or fat, you have the right to cosplay whatever you want. When I first watched Heroes of Cosplay, I was glad that this was being done.

Finally, someone has the geek community in mind. Expect anything on television to be scripted. It depends why you are watching. I love watching how creative people are with cosplay and what they do. I once saw a Bumble Bee cosplay that was Nerds dating show ten feet tall trying to register at a convention center for Katsucon.

Cosplay should be fun and that is what the show was about. So where is your focus at? If you are a fantasy lover like myself, Andy Matrix, then you are going to love The Quest. What I love about The Quest is that they created a realistic setting for the show. A Kingdom where the chosen ones would be send to like an Isekai anime. It is so much fun because it is a LARP reality game show.

The chosen heroes have to play a game and after the challenges of the episode, some people get eliminated by the three goddesses. The idea for this show came from LARPing, epic fantasy storytelling and an overall fairy tale. It was well done. Especially the transition from the human world to the fantasy world where the game show took place in. This is a straight up reality Nerds dating show show about nerds doing what nerds do best which is geeking the fuck out.

Imagine all nerds under Nerds dating show roof as a reality TV show. That is what this show is with a little drama. The cast define it as a docudrama about the complexities of nerd cultures. You will see challenges here like dating, which of course many nerds struggle with. The cast of this show are geeks themselves so is not like they are making fun of geeks and nerds. This is a show made by fans for the fans. The cast are into a variety of things such as Anime, Pokemon, card games, Comic Books and so on. You can relate to this people on a real level.

Everyone loves a good competition. Whether if its Ninja Warrior or Wrestlemania. However, these challenges intellectual. You know like, trivia questions, puzzles and so on. The show also have sing and dance performance with nerdy lyrics. This is Nerds dating show part of the show that will make you want to stick around. The show is also hosted by Curtis Armstrong who was also on the Revenge of the Nerds movie. This show ran for 8 seasons.

This show is a fan favorite especially for those who are fantasy and scifi lovers. It shows how creatures are created for movies. It is another competition type show but more in the creative arts. The reason why nerds are attract to this show is because we love seeing how our movies are made.

The make up art for characters and monsters in movies, it is all shown and done right before your eyes. By the way, this professional was listed as the top 5 nerdy careers check out the article. Want to see Nerds dating show dating Nerds dating show action. Beauty and the geek put a beautiful girl and your average geek together. If you like this kind of Nerds dating show then this is the show for you.

This show is so interesting for the simple fact that it shows two worlds colliding. The focus of the show is to see how a geek can help a beautiful woman be more than just her good looks and how a beautiful woman can help a geek become a super star. The collision is quite interesting and how they interact with one another is will leave you wanting more. Everyone knows that geeky guys struggle to get the girl. However, this show might change your mind as to the possibilities of what kind of woman a geek can get.

You already know what this show is about. The show has run for 7 seasons thus far and the show was created by the comic book god Kevin Smith who was also the director for Zack and Miri make a Porno. If you are into the superhero comic books and mainly the American, western world, comic books and TV shows then this is the show for you.

During the show they have both celebrity actors and regular people walking into the comic book shop. It is a very casual show, low key and can be very enjoyable if you love talking comic books and looking for comic book knowledge. Mythbusters is that show that artist love in general. Whether if you are into anime, comic books or if you are a movie love in general, Mythbusters is the show you need to watch.

Just like the title suggest, they find myths, theories and things that are done in movie and see if it can actually be done in real life. The main stars of the shows are Adam Savage and Hyneman. If you follow the show you know that Adam loves anime especially Spirited Away. One of my favorite episodes was when they busted the myth of going on underwater with an upside down boat to survive.

That was something that they found in Pirates of the Caribbean. The Mythbusters are artist, sculptors and over all craftsman. If you love art then this show is for you. This show is fun and educational. Pin 1. Table of Contents. You May Also Like:. Rise and Fall of Cartoon Network. Like this: Like Loading

Nerds dating show

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