Online dating how long between dates

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For many people, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than a first date. But even if the date goes well, the dreaded questions that come up after the date may be even worse. Did you talk too much? Did they laugh at your jokes?

And the inevitable: How long should you wait to text them? You may be worried that you're being held down by the arbitrary "three-day rule," but fortunately, it may turn out you're doing more worrying than necessary. According to experts, the best rule of thumb is that you should text someone within 24 hours after a first date.

Andrea McGintya digital dating coach and founder of 33 Thousand Dates, says that "texting a few hours after the date shows you appreciate the person's time, and you enjoy their company. According to Trombetti, the hour timeline is just when it comes to sending "the most basic thank you text.

McGinty says that 95 percent of the time, texting a few hours after a first date is the most appropriate course of action.

However, there could be some instances where you may want to wait. You might not always be the first one to text after a first date. And while this may seem like it takes the pressure off of you, your response time is also important if you are interested in pursuing things further with this person. If you don't, your date will think you aren't interested in them. Both Trombetti and McGinty say you should leave the late-night texting out of the picture, especially if you've only gone on a first date with this person.

McGinty says that if it's after 11 p. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. Our team of editors strives to be objective, unbiased, and honest. Relationship experts have answered the age-old question of when you should reach out. By Kali Coleman November 2, If the other person texts you first, you should reply within the same day. Kali is an assistant editor at Best Life.

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Online dating how long between dates

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This Is Exactly How Long You Should Wait to Text After a First Date