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Pet City of Fort Collins is open for business as usual, and we still have puppies available to go home! See below for pictures of our current pups. Our hours have temporarily changed.

Pet City is having a sale for our large breed puppies! Help us find these large breed puppies their forever homes!

We use over USDA regulated, out-of-state breeders. This large of breeders allows our store access to many different breeds of dogs.

We use out-of-state breeders because the puppies must be checked by a vet to enter Colorado, providing additional confidence in the health and care of our dogs. We keep our puppies Puppy fort collins on vaccinations and de-worming. We also guarantee our dogs against congenital or hereditary defects and diseases, which speaks to the quality of breeders we use. By selling healthy puppies we are attempting to reduce the initial and long-term health-related costs of ownership.

We believe that this is a step toward ensuring that a pet owner can afford to care for their dog for its entire life. Additionally, we encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their puppies.

We also offer the benefit of a well-socialized animal. Puppies are handled and loved by staff and customers and have a kennel mate. This means that our puppies become well socialized with people as well as other dogs. This makes for an easier time transitioning into a home as well as increased trainability. Socialized puppies are more likely to fit into the Puppy fort collins environment and stay there. We also encourage customers to come to us with questions, so that we can make the transition to home as easy as possible.

Finally, you can rest assured that your new puppy came from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill.

Every effort is being made to keep all surfaces clean and sanitized. For your regular pet supplies and food, we will accept payment over the phone and deliver to your car in front of the shop. Newsletter up.

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Puppy fort collins

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