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1 2 3 Next. Leather studded hood on stand. Latex hood on stand. Red and Black hood on stand. Black latex hood with zip.

Black leather hood with zip. An angular stool with a strap. Upholstered Bench. A set of stocks. Three suspension stocks. Pair of framed pictures depicting parlour scenes. Brass Boudoir Lamp. Suspension Wall. A saddle with strap. Upholstered saddle bench. Coal scuttle full of bamboo canes. Victorian Chaise Longue. Two black and white photographs of women. Framed surgical instruments. Two black and white framed photographs. Two black and white photographs of a dominatrix. Pair of black and white photographs.

Discipline Horse with spikes. Bondage belt with attached mittens in black leather. Large Metal wall clock. Large Black PVC wrestling mat. Chain Block and tackle suspension unit with timber suspension bars. Suspension bar with leather stirrups. Quantity of weights. Chain Block and suspension tackle. Quantity of assorted leather straps. Pair of black and white photographs of females in lingerie. The Standing Humbler, together with another stand. Postal body bag. Quantity of pumps. Leather bondage pieces including harness and strap.

Assorted leather bondage pieces. Leather bondage pieces including mittens, bondage belt, lockable leather harness and mistress fashion accessories. Quantity of PVC tape. Leather bondage pieces including bondage connector. Red leather cuffs, large collar. Cuffs, collars and other bondage pieces. Pallet Salon kittys sydney in black and white. Pair of colour photographs of ladies. Salon kittys sydney of two colour Shoe fetish photographs. Pair of colour photographs of bondage scenes. Leather bondage pieces including strap harness hand made by slave Anton.

Leather bondage pieces including mittens and hood. Pair of stainless jardinieres. Three colour photographs of a mistress. Pair of framed colour mistress photographs together with a black and white image of Irena. Leather bondage pieces including male harness and horse bit gag.

Leather bondage pieces including leg and arm accessories and gag. Assorted leather pieces.

Leather pieces including boot accessories, harness and gag. Black Latex Vac bag and pump. A Specialized height adjustable steel and latex chair. Collection of black whips and canes. Leather straight jacket. Leather sling. Boxed set of Mistress Amandas personal whips, inscribed with her name. A mesh hood. Leather Head Gear mask marked I belong to salon kittys, hand crafted by slave Anton. Viennese masquerade piece.

Fantasy leather medieval mask with eyepiece. A Leather hood. Leather hood. Leather hood with brush and ashtray attachment. Various leather bondage pieces. The vintage mighty hand stimulator purchased from the Netherlands, not sold in Australia. Assorted instruments including pumps and weights. Various leather bondage pieces including gas mask and studded collar. Various Sax leather pieces including cuffs and collar. A Humbler, weights and other device. Selection of clamps, Kails teeth and a cage. Various leather bondage pieces including whips and eye mask. Various sensory play devices.

Sensory play devices including Kalis Teeth, Clamps, Wartenburg wheel and other device. Two silicon breasts. Sensory play devices including clamps, tweezer chain, weight and a barbers razor. Elastrator, docking rings, safety scissors and clamps.

Truncheon from NYC, leather accessories and whips. Electric devices including cattle prod. Quantity of metal pegs, with Salon kittys sydney, whip and blindfold. Black Gag, Salon kittys sydney accessories and flogger. Assorted masks inc George Bush.

Deon Leather belt handmade by slave Anton. Large Metal cuffs. Metal ball and Chain. Convict Style Leg Irons. Violet wand in a box with power supply. Electric stimulator board. Light to medium electric stimulator device. Vintage Dynamo stimulator. Violet Wand. Erostech electric device.

Selection of hand cuffs with key.

A quantity of hand and thumb cuffs. If you are experiencing difficulties with our website please contact [ protected]. However, bidding on some of the lots might be extended if any bids came in within the last 5 minutes of closing time. This needs to be reloaded to show any extended lots. Lot12 April Pair of framed pictures depicting parlour scenes. 1 2 3 Next Jump to lot.

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Salon kittys sydney

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