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Your version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported for secure online transactions. Would you like to update your IE browser? I have flexible dates. All Rates. Use free nights. Redeem your Select Guest free nights! If available, multiple free night certificates may be used for a single stay, however each certificate must be booked separately. Once your first reservation is confirmed you will be prompted to reserve additional nights on a separate reservation. In Morocco, the Hand of Fatima is a revered symbol of protection and has become a symbol of healing.

Our talented therapists use their healing hands to soothe your soul, Scottsdale massage spa your senses and re-energize your body. Pricing is based on seasonality, day of week and demand.

A strong, deep touch is used in this massage incorporating circular movements and stretching borrowed from traditional Thai to stimulate blood and lymph circulation while easing tension from the body. Features a traditional Swedish style massage that relieves tension using light to medium pressure to soothe the muscles and create a sense of relaxation. A Scottsdale massage spa massage using deep pressure strokes and trigger points to relieve muscle tension, improve flexibility and range of motion.

A massage with Himalayan Salt Stones, containing essential nutrients and 84 minerals, will encourage deep relaxation, stimulate immune support, and calm the nervous system by Scottsdale massage spa a slow, deliberate technique that follows the energy meridian lines of the body. The use of special cups creates a vacuum effect on underlying muscle tissue. The intended suction can range from light to heavy and has many benefits: increasing lymphatic circulation and blood flow to the skin, facilitating deep tissue work, loosening adhesions, and relieving inflammation and pain causing factors.

Enhance your deep relaxation with an minute massage that includes a hot towel treatment to the feet and neck, while wrapped in Scottsdale massage spa warm cocoon to provide deeper hydration with a special CBD blend. This treatment stimulates natural healing powers and promotes well-being by placing pressure on specific points in the hands, feet, ears and scalp to affect corresponding areas throughout the body.

A completely relaxing, full body massage using our safe but effective prenatal techniques and Omega rich oils to help relax, increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce excess water retention, focusing on the specific muscles that are responsible for that beautiful baby bump.

Specific, structural work deed to release postural contractions and relieve soft tissue distress, bring the body stability and relief. Holistic practice using very light, intuitive pressure to gently release restrictions influencing the central nervous system giving a feeling of balance and alignment. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended for this treatment.

A gentle massage activating vascular lymphatic networks to Scottsdale massage spa circulation, detoxification, boost immunity and reduce edema. Deed as an escape for those unable to experience the luxury of time. The following may be added to an existing treatment. Full body dry brushing exfoliates, detoxifies and softens the skin.

This treatment is invigorating and increases circulation — a perfect prelude to any massage. Includes a complimentary take home gift of a natural bristle dry brush. A rich, buttery polish that can be added on to any treatment, featuring coconut shell powder, pure cane sugar and other gentle buffers for the ultimate exfoliation. Nourishes, conditions and helps to eliminate dry skin.

Relax the mind and increase circulation as warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to calm muscle tension around the head.

Detailed pressure point work performed on the feet that affect corresponding areas of the body. A spot treatment with a rich blend of concentrated CBD, essential oils, and Arnica that can be added to almost any treatment, giving an extra edge for aching muscles, inflammation and swelling. The soothing warmth of pink Himalayan hot stones help relieve tight muscles, reduce stress and also promote calmness and relaxation.

Scottsdale massage spa from three Lotus Wei massage serums infused with hand-picked flowers and pure essential oils for a luscious aromatic experience. Increase lymphatic circulation and blood flow to skin, relieve inflammation and pain causing factors. This deep tissue express treatment Scottsdale massage spa soothe stiff and sore muscles and improves wellbeing. See how one local couple celebrated their pregnancy with a once in a lifetime Babymoon filled with relaxation and celebration. OK Later. My Reservation. Last name on reservation.

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Travel Agent. Cancel Proceed. Phone: Phone: Concierge: Concierge: Directions Resort Map. Scottsdale Massage Treatments Relax and enjoy our healing massages. Steaming hot towels applied throughout the treatment will promote the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the essential oils. Guest Favorites at Omni Scottsdale at Montelucia. Babymoon Getaways See how one local couple celebrated their pregnancy with a once in a lifetime Babymoon filled with relaxation and celebration. Scottsdale massage spa Romantic Escape. Learn More.

Scottsdale massage spa

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