Southern californian looking for fun

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I love visiting unusual places and go out of my way to exploring them when traveling around California.

Southern californian looking for fun

Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated to the unique stuff I have found in Southern California from Kern County down. It will be an ever-expanding and growing list that will hopefully help you to find many fun attractions right outside your door. Browse the list by county and click the image to read about the places you are interested in.

Have fun exploring! You can browse spots in Northern California here. Last Updated December — Click the pictures to Southern californian looking for fun the posts. The most famous is the house built on the Engineering building, which looks like it is teetering on the edge. This sculpture garden located in the north part of San Diego County is only open a few days a week, but it is a blast to explore. In the middle of a park, there is a large collection of colorful sculptures that reminded me of something in Barcelona.

It is a fun place for the whole family to spend a day in San Diego. This private residence in San Diego has a massive manicured garden right in front of the house. While you can only admire it Southern californian looking for fun the road, it is a unique spot to see in San Diego. During the month of August, the Leopard sharks traditionally come to give birth in the cove of La Jolla. They are docile creatures, and you can actually grab some snorkel gear and go out and see them.

It is a unique experience.

Southern californian looking for fun

North of San Diego, this trail features a fun slot canyon that can be explored pretty much in the middle of Solana Beach. The short hike features some tight spaces, but it is a lot of fun. Ever wanted to eat alligator, kangaroo, or antelope? You can do that here. Hike to the top of this mountain and see the famous rock with its potato chip wing that you can stand on. A deep slot canyon in the heart of Anza Borrego, the slot allows you access to a hike usually only possible in places like Arizona and Utah. The Whaley House is considered by many sources to be the most haunted place in America.

Southern californian looking for fun

You can tour it during the day or chance a ghost encounter during a special night visit. You can learn all about the creation of the Earth from the traditional Christian Biblical perspective when you visit this museum. It is pretty far outside of San Diego, but you can see the Giant Lemon on the way!

Not much here but to stop for a photo at the World Largest Lemon not proven, but honestly who is arguing? It is Southern californian looking for fun state park right on the southernmost part of California and right on the Mexican border.

It is worth the trip to see the massive walls and cameras alone. Do I need to say more than the above picture? If I do, then how about I mention that this small shop outside the food court, near the Mexican border, has a fantastic sundae with six churros! Bring a friend and try it. A collection of artists that live together and create very unique art pieces in the middle of the desert. This is precisely how it sounds, ruins of an old Salton Sea town on the beach. A fantastic stop for urban grunge photographers. A small, one room museum overrun with thousands of banana related items.

Make sure to get a banana shake while you are there! This fun roide stop has everything from a church on the hill to an original staircase from the Eiffel Tower. It is worth the stop. One of the largest freestanding wooden trestles in the entire world is located outside of San Diego, deep in the desert. On the main highway through Imperial County sits this historic old tower on a hillside.

It is a great spot to walk up and see the views or to visit the Southern californian looking for fun park right across the parking lot. It is always expanding with new structures, and you can walk around for hours and not see it all. Grab yourself a date shake and watch a move on the romance and sex life of the polarizing yet beloved fruit. On the 10 Freeway near Cabazon are some of the biggest dinosaur s ever made.

You can even go inside of them. This pumpkin rock is overlooking the city of Norco and is kept up by some of its residents. If you go after it is repainted each year, then you are in for a Halloween treat. During the month of December, Palm Springs lights up with the fantastic creation that is Robolights. I have visited many times, but it is moving to a new location. Located north of Joshua Tree National Parkthis art installation is a fun and Southern californian looking for fun place to explore.

In the downtown area of Palm Springs, there is a one room museum that is deed to look like how a s general store would have looked. All of the products are authentic, and the price to enter is 95 cents. Built on the site of Camp Young, this museum was made to honor General Patton. It has lots of history and lo of tanks. See redwoods without leaving Southern California by visiting this park in Yorba Linda.

The trees here are only 25 years old, but they are still very cool to see. For a 5 dollar fee, you can see a crazy amount of reptiles from crocodiles to snakes. They used to have one of the biggest snakes in captivity named Twinkie before it sadly passed away. Want a maple donut with eggs and bacon in the middle of it? Check out Surfin Donuts. The famous pirate tower of Victoria Beach is one of those historic Southern California places that everyone has to see once.

Parking can be tough, and directions are not always great to get to it, but when you find it, you will be happy that you did. The campy goodness that is Medieval Times has not lost its charm. I remember being awestruck by the show when I saw it as a kid, and I had just as much fun when I went back a few months ago as an adult.

ant of the Masters happens in the summer every year, and it is a truly Orange County experience. This event features live recreations of famous paintings, and you can about it here. I love this place, and I recommend you make it a family outing. They put on shows with their marionettes a few times a week. The shows are similar to entering a time machine and visiting what a theater was like before technology. They are especially popular during the Christmas season.

If you visit Southern californian looking for fun Angeles, then you really should consider going on a studio tour to see where the movies are made. This is the only one that I have been to, but it was a lot of fun and something I enjoyed.

Southern californian looking for fun

Indulge in specialty sausages in downtown Los Angeles, especially ones that are made of rattlesnake and rabbit just a few of the available meats. Located right outside his home, and it is a great spot to drive by and check out. The way the light shines in the early morning sun makes this installation come to life in sparkling colors.

It has all of the food you would expect at a cafeteria, but the surrounding building has a two story Redwood, stuffed buffalos, and all sorts of other attractions you can eat next to. This unique store is home to all sorts of creepy-crawly things. If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday, why not take a wild animal safari at a Malibu Winery?

Yes, you heard that correctly, you get shuttled around to see everything ranging from camels to water buffalo, and you can even feed a zebra. You can Southern californian looking for fun hike it and meet Stanley the Giraffe as well. Explore these famous rocks, featured in many Hollywood movies. It is also a great place to spend a day hiking outside the city. This awesome old theater harkens back to the old days of cinema when the movie was a cranked sequence of images or a panorama that you immerse yourself in.

This is a unique spot in LA. This roide shop literally sells everything.

Southern californian looking for fun Southern californian looking for fun

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