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After reading good reviews here I paid a visit to this club as I was driving through. I arrived little early around 9pm and it was slow. There were 6 to 7 girls and only handful of patrons, 3 to 4. The girls were average in looks 6s and 7's with a good mix of races. I was directed to a bar next door to buy my beers which worked out well. One very outgoing girl came and sat on my lap right after I found a seat. She is a sweet talker gilrly girl type.

I did not waste any time and took her back. It was one for 20 or 25 or 3 for 55 or somethingI forget the exact s, but the 3 set was the best value. This girl did not disappoint in the back room, high mileage dances. Security walks by once in a while and rooms are open, so everything is not on the menu. Once it hit Southern comfort mt joy iowa pm then the crowd started coming it, it seemed all came in at once and place got full soon and more girls appeared too.

As the night went on I got daces from 3 more girls, all 3 sets. Most dances were heavy grinding and friction that it started hurting towards the end, speaking in a good way. Overallthe place is worth the visit, but could get boring if it were the same girls all year around. I've been here a handful of times over the past of years, have to say that the dancer looks quality seems to have dwindled from what it used to be or it was a down night. Really only a couple dancers caught my eye--decent looking blond with a nice thick ass and bolt ons and a shorter brunette with the best body that night but seemed to be occupied with the regulars.

Got a 2-fer actually a couple with the blond. Gave a great grind as well and was very friendly. Sorry, didn't get any names. Decided to call it a night there around midnight and head over to Daisy Dooks in Davenport posted review there. All in all, there used to be alot better quality at SoCo. I may have made my last trip to SoCo a laid back Wednesday Southern comfort mt joy iowa.

It seems to have run its course for me, but that is no fault of the clubs. This place has remained remarkably consistent for the last several years. For a small "dive" club, it is remarkably well run. SoCo is not trying to be like a bigger city "Show Club," it is a neighborhood titty bar BYOB not really a bar but that is an Iowa thing and if you judge it based on that standard it holds up very will compared to other neighborhood titty bars.

It is BYOB, but there is a bar in the same parking lot that will sell you a reasonably priced beer you can take with you. The bathroom is just barely passable but it always has soap. Girls are personable and certainly as attractive as girls in other Iowa clubs it's a little better in Des Moines. There is a lot of dancer turnover, but I've never been there on a night when there weren't a few attractive dancers.

Management seems to do a good job of keeping them from hiding in the dressing room or fiddling with their phones but you may have to pry them away from regulars. Dances are reasonable two-way contact which is also in keeping with the local competition. The private dance room is a little too well lit and not super private since the booths are open.

SoCo is experiencing a slight renaissance. Southern comfort mt joy iowa was there almost all night on a Thursday and saw a bevy of new girls ranging from stripper-attractive to walking-by-in-the-mall-head-turning. Unfortunately I didn't get dances from any new girls. My all time favorite works here so I have the mark of Cain on me and have trouble Southern comfort mt joy iowa other strippers to chat.

Fortunately, my all time favorite works here so I don't need dances from new girls. SoCo is a pretty good bargain, but is not full of big club amenities. It will not appeal to you if you are looking for elaborate stage shows, champagne rooms and bath room attendants.

It will also likely disappoint you if you are looking for extras. A few girls will do some DFK, but other than the occasional mouth on your clothed crotch I have not been offered or even heard of extras here. Staff stays out of your way e. Most dancers there are hot enough for Iowa, most are able to chat without seeming like scantily clad vultures circling your wallet. Went here a lot a few years ago. Not much has changed. Dancers may not be as pretty on average as Daisy Doors but they are not bad by any means. All the dancers were friendly and not to pushy when asking for dances.

Perhaps dancer quality is better on Friday or Saturday nights. As in any iowa club where the Southern comfort mt joy iowa dance fully nude it is BYOB. Nice to not have to put up with a dj running his mouth all night like at all other clubs I've been to lately. Dancers were doing 3 songs on stage while I was there and we're full nude by the second day song.

Private dances were full contact and very enjoyable. You can even find a girl that will negotiate a better price if you stay for more somngs. This club is a little better lit than any others around which makes seeing what you came to look at easier. Tipping at the stage was worth it as well even though I am not generally a stage sitter. This is not a fancy club like Doors or LY2 and does not pretend to be.

Not many frills. Was almost scared of the men's room. Just a trough and smelled bad. Overall a good place to down some beers while looking at nude girls and even getting a little hands on entertainment. Southern comfort mt joy iowa was once the place to go in Iowa. It has been surpassed by newer club but 8s still well worth a stop in. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Iowa Mt. Joy Southern Comfort Lounge. Southern Comfort Lounge 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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Southern comfort mt joy iowa

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