Starting dating agency business

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One in four relationships starts on a dating site in the UK today. Yet most people are still dissatisfied with the quality and targeting of the online dating sites out there.

With the online dating business market continuing to grow year on year, the industry seems to have considerable scope for more targeted and localised approaches. So whether you are interested in setting up a dating website as a way of bringing singles together, or if you want to use the technology to combat Starting dating agency business in your community, here are 5 basic steps to get started.

Better to tap into the growing demand for niche dating. There are dating sites out there for niche interests such as dog lovers, heavy metal fans, gamers and My Little Pony fans. Stage and attitude to life situation approaches are other factors where people may want to focus their search. Sites focused on sexuality, age, even educational level abound. The list is pretty endless! Undertake some preliminary research to identify gaps, or choose an existing niche you could spin differently. Unless you need investment, in which case you may want to download our business plan template and guide.

For a low-cost or lean start-up, it boils down to the following questions. First, decide on the technology. Does it need to be a website an App or both?

Ask your potential customers what they would prefer. If they are an older age group they may prefer a website, but for anyone aged under 30, an app-based approach is essential. You probably want people to feel that you are trusted and a positive, aspirational place. If your budget is tight, check out Canva — a very easy, yet attractive, DIY de platform that can enable you to put together a logo, brand and social media imagery at low or no cost.

Your platform will live or die on its reputation and where there Starting dating agency business an existing community of any sort, news travels fast. So make sure that you have systems in place to protect your members from the frauds and harassers who can be a plague on those sites. There are no regulations or checks on running a dating website, but you may want to think about what you could do to reassure potential members, like doing background checks on new applicants.

In addition, make sure that you have clear terms and conditions so that you are covered legally in case anything goes wrong.

Lure people in with a free trial to start with. Perhaps you could invite them to be a beta-group to give you feedback and help to shape the platform? After the beta period, you can focus on your launch PR. Do make sure the site is well-populated before that moment.

Send out press releases to niche press, blogs and websites. Try to engage online influencers. Test out Google and Facebook to see if they work for you.

The internet has changed dating forever. And there is lots of space in this growing market for a wide variety of approaches. In the longer term, your success will be down to reputation. Ask happy users for testimonials and case studies that you can write up in a blog. By Liz Wiley on December 3rd, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Starting dating agency business

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