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I would forever be your slave and slave, even the smallest of your hairs, my mistress. Magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable powers. I was such a dork and into my skateboard and skater friends when I was This is pretty Teen trans tumblr what my silly parents who I love SO much were telling me at the time.

I was transitioning and Estrogen was added to the puberty blockers I had been on for the first two years I started male-puberty blockers at 11so I literally changed from being a Skater Boy to a Skater Girl that summer. BIG changes Teen trans tumblr female puberty kicked in! The only thing hotter than two chicks kissing is two trans chicks kissing. If you are a really cute tgirl like me, please contact me? I promise that you will know very quickly if it is right for you. If you try hormones for a few months and it feels right and you feel better about yourself; then transitioning is what you must do.

If estrogen makes you feel distinctly betterthen you are definitely a female and you need female hormones for your mental and physical health. If it feels wrongthen now you know and you can stop and put it out of your mind. There will be no harm done. You may have Teen trans tumblr nipples after a few months, but that will disappear within a few weeks after you stop HRT. Note: Staying on estrogen therapy longer than a few months might cause breast buds and permanent tissue growth. Two years of blockers at age 11, then I added Estrogen at 13, similar to natal female hormone timing and progression, and I went through a natural female maturation process.

Everything that my friends — girls my age — were developing, I was developing too.

Trans girls rule! In the years before I transitioned from a male to a female, beginning at age 13, I never knew that transitioning was possible. I knew that I was feminine from the time I could think about it.

In fact, many of them were not attractive at all. I mean, they were Drag Queens, after all, and they were putting on a parody-entertainment that played upon the femininity of gay men. I was actually very depressed when I discovered drag queens as a kid!

There was no hope of changing into what I felt inside… I also believed that I was utterly alone in the world. Certainly, no one else could have felt the same way I did… I thought. But then, at about age 11 or 12, I discovered transsexual internet porn, and I was immediately exhilarated by pictures showing hot women — who somehow used to be men. I mean, they had peens and balls! Not because they turned Teen trans tumblr on, but because they made me realize Teen trans tumblr possibilities!

I learned that it was genuinely possible for a boy to actually BECOME a girl — appearing imperceptibly like a beautiful girl in every way, with soft skin and feminine curves — after they had gone through HRT transition for a of years I think it usually takes five years minimum to be fully feminine. They can be themselves — with no one being aware that they were born as anything other than female. As we enter the 21st Century, you can actually become, well… become yourself! The process to do so safely and successfully is becoming widely known.

That is a profound and amazing development enabled by science. And best of all — Transgender individual is in the process of becoming widely accepted.

Oh my Gawd, do I love boys checking me out!!!! Last night I went roller-skating with a group of my girlfriends in the next town over.

I wore a really short, red miniskirt with a cute, white, crop-top sweater, and my hair in a ponytail like the girl in this picture. All the boys were staring at me all night long as I skated! Throughout the night, I had three cute new guys trying to pick me up. What was so incredible was that when I told each of them I was trans, none of them had a problem with it. It was steaming hot! Submit a post —Getting Started— Archive. Teen trans tumblr recommended! What are you waiting for???? Top Photos. Recently Liked.

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