The first date movie

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Many films have explored the anxiety, optimism and sometimes futility of first dates. But his problems really get complicated when he buys a dilapidated Chrysler New Yorker off of Craigslist that has untold stashes of illegal goods. In trying to do the right thing, Mike only gets further entangled in a web of criminals. Oh yeah, and he has to worry about his date Kelsey Shelby Duclos getting wooed by the dashing-but-dense jock-next-door.

The location only adds to the absurdity Mike and Kelsey stumble upon.

At one point, it even seems like our hero has lost his chance at a date, but the story is not done with him yet. Also making their feature film debut, Brown and Duclos make quite the pair of long-time classmates, first-time dates. At times, they can be a bit much, threatening to send the movie over-the-edge into farce, but the directors reel in each nonsensical or overblown outburst just in time. Rounding out the melee is a group of criminals who treat their lucrative side hustle as a book club.

They The first date movie just as successful at pulling off these underground jobs as they are at actually reading the books they pick for the group.

They bring a lot of yelling and complicated inter-relationships into the equation. They The first date movie over the course of the evening in a way few people on a first date likely ever will, in between fights with their kidnappers and an all-out shoot-out, but the two actors retain that sweet giddy feeling of love at first sight through it all.

Monica Castillo is a freelance writer and University of Southern California Annenberg graduate film critic fellow. Tyson Brown as Mike. Shelby Duclos as Kelsey. Jesse Janzen as The Captain. Nicole Berry as Sergeant Davis. Ryan Quinn Adams as Vince. Brandon Kraus as Chet. Angela Barber as Ricky. Dave Reimer as Shannon. Reviews First Date. Monica Castillo July 02, Now streaming on:. Powered by JustWatch. Now playing in theaters and available on demand. Now playing. Walker Whitney Spencer.

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The first date movie

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First Date