What does it contain

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There was no right way to bite into a rice cake and definitely no good way to contain the stream of crumbs that rained down from the corners of my mouth.

Probably the most explosive centered on What does it contain effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic this year. It contain s a 7-megapixel camera on the front and a megapixel camera on the back and is capable of taking 4K videos, which are better quality than high-definition. Holm and Rotenberg were surprised to find that their paper contain ed the insight needed to do a lot better.

The sequels will contain anything from the Expanded Universe. Canned drinks like Mercy contain up 5, percent of the daily value of certain vitamins. They sacrifice their shelter to contain the walkers—and Judith gets her first action scene! Green plants in pre-flowering stages may contain ificant protein but not fat. And while the stories may contain caveats, the initial headlines certainly did not.

Selections for practice should be chosen which contain much variety of thought and feeling and are smooth in movement. Since this is a law of vibration, it is unscientific to speak of giving an overtone, for all tones contain overtones. The apocryphal gospels contain many, and some are preserved by Persian and Arabian poets.

These globular masses usually contain many tubercle bacilli. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! This paddock contains our best horses.

See synonyms for contain on Thesaurus. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! Contain, accommodate, hold, express the idea that something is so deed that something else can exist or be placed within it.

Contain refers to what is actually within a given container.

Hold emphasizes the idea of keeping within bounds; it refers also to the greatest amount or that can be kept within a given container. Accommodate means to contain comfortably or conveniently, or to meet the needs of a certain. A passenger plane that accommodates 50 passengers may be able to hold 60, but at a given time may contain only Words nearby What does it contain contagious ecthymacontagious granular conjunctivitiscontagious magiccontagious stomatitiscontagiumcontaincontainedcontainercontainerboardcontainer carcontainer cargo.

Words related to contain incorporateaccommodateinvolve What does it contain, enclosehaveencompassconsist ofstopcollectcurbcoolseatsubsumeembraceembodycomprehendholdcomprisecomposesmother. How to use contain in a sentence There was no right way to bite into a rice cake and definitely no good way to contain the stream of crumbs that rained down from the corners of my mouth.

William Barr is the poster child for politicized law enforcement officials Philip Bump September 17, Washington Post. IBM plans a huge leap in superfast quantum computing by rhhackettfortune September 15, Fortune.

Derived forms of contain containableadjective.

What does it contain

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