What is being in love supposed to feel like

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For centuries, poets have dedicated their creative lives towards trying to explain what being in love feels likeand while that means we as a people have thousands of wonderfully beautiful poems, what we don't have is a What is being in love supposed to feel like clear explanation about what it is like to be in love. While I don't believe we will all ever come to an agreement about what makes the perfection description for how being in love feels, we can learn a lot about other people when we ask them their opinion on the subject.

And if you ask men what they think being in love feels like, chances are they'll each have their own explanation. For the romantics of the world, being in love is puppies and candies and roses. For the practical people, it's meeting someone who shares your interests and your plans for the future. When you're talking to a man and trying to figure out just what kind of guy he is, you can't go wrong asking him to tell you his personal definition of love and what it feels like for him. One redditor recently discovered this to be true when they asked the guys on the Ask Man subreddit, "What should 'being in love' make you feel?

And after all that, they're still your favorite person. You still do things for each other, for the simple joy of making them happy. The absence of the rose-colored glasses of new lust hasn't been replaced with resentment, it has evolved into comfort, stability, and security with that person. When I don't know a woman very well but she feels really exciting and like the most important person on earth, that's really just lust and infatuation in my experience.

I don't think I could really love someone with having spent a lot of time with them and gone through shared experiences. I would sacrifice everything for her and I know she feels the same way.

True love feels comfortable, it feels right, the person feels like home. Initial attraction, obsession and seeing her as perfect, then slowly seeing the real person and the feelings left over are true love or nothing. Love is a bond and a connection that can have so many different feelings, mostly good ones, sometimes bad ones, sometimes no feelings. The important thing is that forgiveness and respect rule your relationship from both sides. You should feel needed and wanted, and so should they.

Not at all times, you're allowed to have rough spots. In fact, having a level of healthy discourse is a good reminder that you both are still human beings trying their best. A lot of relationships and marriages get stale when one partner finally just decides that they are going to roll over for good and let the other do everything.

Not an emotion. Your emotions change all the time. Anything other than those feelings are not love but rather attachment or infatuation. Love is intentional — it does not just happen to you! Love felt safe. A warmth. A gratitude that that person, and not just any person, was there beside you despite all the chaos of the universe and the world.

The person who cared to understand who you were and how you ticked.

Love is being a calm voice during a panic attack and the big spoon after a bad day. Love was the time I spent sharing my soul. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: Getty. Rebecca Jane Stokes. What does love feel like? There is nothing that feels quite the same as being in love.

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What is being in love supposed to feel like

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