Why should i be single

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Sometimes this pressure comes from family, at other times from friends or from pop culture. However, there are compelling reasons to stay single!

Firstly, some people assume that being single means you are unsociable, unattractive, selfish or immature. The reality is that single people can thrive, be deeply charismatic and entirely unselfish all while staying single. This way, if or when you do decide to find a partner, you can go into it as a confident, self-aware individual who has a good sense of their own needs.

On a related note, so many people rush into a relationship hoping that it will fix their problems or make them feel happy. Spend time figuring out what you want your life to look like! Plus, focus on finding pursuits that you can enjoy as a single person. The spontaneity available to you as a single person is not to be taken for granted… You can spend your money as you like, live how you want, book last minute trips and plan solely according to what you want.

If you stay single long enough to process your feelings and thoughts about past relationships, you can attract and fully commit to a loving, stable connection with a new person. Yes, you can certainly maintain friendships while dating, but the more ificant relationships you have as well as other life commitments the harder it is to keep up with them all. One reason for staying single is that you might be just as fulfilled by loving friendships as you would by romance.

And, unlike romance, those friendships allow you complete autonomy over all your life choices. Another reason why you might be better off single right now is that you may not be motivated by a genuine desire for love.

Perhaps, instead, you want to make an ex-partner jealousyou struggle with your own company, or maybe you want to fit in with your social group. Whether you want the freedom to casually date without commitment or want more literal exploration e. This fosters personal development.

It also reduces the risk of you feeling resentful if or when you do decide that you want to leave the single life behind. People get the best Law of Attraction when they vibrate on a frequency of authentic rather than forced excitement.

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Why should i be single

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