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It's no secret WWE has seen more than its share of truly stupid storylines, angles, and characters over its long history. Sometimes, it's almost faster to talk about the least insulting storylines of a year, especially in the last decade. It's astounding how some truly talented workers have been put into some horrible stuff.

And when it's less gifted folks, it's even worse. This list could be stretched to Wwe is crap and still leave off scores of examples, but these ten stand out among the stupidest, most idiotic, most baffling storylines WWE has ever seen, stuff that's amazing was ever conceived, let alone got on the air.

Fans felt embarrassed for everyone involved, as these stories did nothing to get folks over. That it's only scraping the tip of the iceberg on WWE stupidity says it all. The genesis of this feud was at the Great American Bash where, by a fluke, Hornswoggle won the Cruiserweight Title in a match involving Chavo Guerrero.

Two years later, the two began a feud over For months, RAW was filled with the dumbest gimmick matches imaginable: Chavo dressed like a cow to be "tipped"; a blindfold match where only Chavo wore the Wwe is crap Chavo pushed into traps straight out of a Looney Tunes cartoon, and more. It was agonizing to watch and made RAW downright painful. This was not only horrible but successfully buried a promising star. Instead, Cena resisted, so Kane decided to beat up Zack Ryder.

This led to the foolish bit of Eve Torres trying to seduce Cena and leaving Ryder high and dry while Kane was beaten in an ambulance match, and Cena looked like a jerk. It did nothing for Cena and also ruined Ryder forever to make it more hated.

Today, Dominick Mysterio is getting a good push as a wrestler. Which is a lot better than his first try in WWE. Informer tag partners Rey and Eddie Guerrero were in a feud where Eddie declared he and Vickie had an affair, and he was Dominick's birth father.

This set up a poor ladder match at SummerSlam where Vickie botched her interference with Rey winning "custody" of his son. This turned out to be Eddie's last major feud before his passing, and there's little wonder why WWE prefers not to remember it today. Brie and Nikki Bella both turned into decent workers, and on paper, a feud of identical twins should have been interesting.

Leave it to WWE to make it horrific, including Nikki's wince-inducing promo declaring she wished she was an only child just not that delicately. It got worse with "counseling" and a weird heel turn amid bad matches. Worst of all, the entire thing was dropped with no warning at all to make all that bad build for nothing. They're beautiful ladies, but this story was ugly. Of all the stupid ideas in the Monday Night War, this was one of the dumbest. Finally, after trashing Vince McMahon, Ross brought out The idea was they were Wwe is crap characters, not the men, but to say fans didn't take to the idea would be an understatement.

It was a huge embarrassment that made WWE look worse than the competition. Her facing the arrogant LayCool was good in theory with them mocking Mickie. But it got worse as the two began insulting James, claiming she was fat, which anyone with working eyesight could see wasn't the case.

It got ugly with them shoving cake in her face and cartoons Wwe is crap her looking like a pig. It did pay off with Mickie beating them for the WWE Women's Title, but the entire thing was too messy for fans to enjoy. A top contender for the "Worst storyline of " actually began in late Pitting real-life couple Rusev and Lana against one another was one thing.

Bringing in Bobby Lashley, never known as a guy capable of sounding great in promos or acting as Lana's love was something else. Then there was the bizarre addition of Wwe is crap Morgan's affair with Lana and scores of stupid turns and beats.

It ended up being for nothing with Rusev cut in April even as Lana and Lashley continued for a bit to mark one of the worst romantic storylines ever. Here's one of the most obvious picks for a list like this. Mae Young saw a strange comeback in the late s as a feisty senior citizen. She was paired with Mark Henry in his "Sexual Chocolate" womanizing phase. Mae announced she was pregnant for various comedy bits.

It all paid off with her giving birth to It makes as much sense today as it did then. To be fair, it did lead to a Wwe is crap sight gag of her and the "grown" son years later but didn't make up for how stupid this was to watch. WWE is no stranger to nutty angles with the Divasbut Wwe is crap was something else. Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson were engaged in a feud that few wanted in the first place. Dawn decided to hit back by romancing Torrie's "father," Al, so we got to see this knockout hanging out with an elderly man.

It went on with a wedding, with Al dying during the honeymoon per the storyline. Even for the "Diva Era," this was an amazingly dumb storyline that was a cheap distraction. To this day, it's amazing this was ever put on screen.

This led to the infamous scene of HHH dressed like Kane with a mannequin for a bizarre encounter. Fans loathed the entire angle and HHH himself clearly hates talking about having to put up with an idea only Vince McMahon enjoyed. A long-time pro wrestling fan with experience writing about it.

Love lists with a passion and enjoy the history of the business Wwe is crap well as football and baseball. Also an avid comic book and action movie fan so more than looking forward to sharing my fun knowledge with others.

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Wwe is crap

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